September 24-25, 2024

AI & Automation: Powering the Future Telco

24 - 25September

Showcase your company’s expertise, thought leadership, and commitment to AI innovation.

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We are seeking dynamic and insightful topic submissions that explore how the integration and use of TM Forum’s ODA and Open APIs help advance telcos’ automation and AI strategies and deployments. We are always searching for compelling case studies and diverse perspectives and are eager to consider what your application can bring to the event.


Connect with the Hub of the Ecosystem

Telecoms Carriers: Major carriers in North America and South America with revenues over $100m and 500+ employees are making major shifts towards AI-Native and Innovate America is hub for them to find solutions.

Cable / MSO: The cable sector has seen growth driven by the demand for highspeed internet and the expansion of broadband services. Cable companies compete with traditional telecom operators and new entrants from the tech industry offering streaming and directto-consumer services.

Mobile Satellite: The America’s Mobile Satellite Services Market is expected to grow, driven by the demand for reliable connectivity in remote regions and the integration of satellite services with 5G networks.

Hardware / Software: Enhancing cloud capabilities and developing new edge computing solutions.

Consultancy: Vital for helping telcos evolve, innovate, and remain competitive in a fast-paced and everchanging industry.