GB979 Big Data Analytics Guidebook R16.5.1

The focus of the TM Forum’s Data Analytics guidebook is to provide TM Forum members with approaches, tools, and most importantly, a common language to accelerate, streamline and de-risk data analytics projects. 

Service providers today gather extensive data from multiple sources: credit scores, call logs, customer support call transcripts, social media activity, browsing history and service history, to name just a few. This data carries the potential for significant value that can enhance the way service providers do business. But the value needs to be unlocked and unlocking that value in a systematic fashion will save time and money.

The best practices in this guidebook family provide the industry with this systematic approach and in turn deliver a firm foundation with which to leverage data analytics solutions to keep improving the way service providers and their suppliers do business. They aim to deliver well thought out approaches and guidance that helps service providers define direction and unlock the value from the data they collect. They do that through providing a common language to be used internally in service providers, but also to help suppliers and integrators have a common language for data analytics with their customers. Having a common language means that service provider projects can run more smoothly internally, suppliers will have a clearer understanding what SPs are asking for, and suppliers can drive the discussion about priorities with their customers using industry agreed upon terminologies. 

This release of the Guidebook includes one new use case and updates to the Reference Model Data Flows differentiating real-time and streaming data.

General Information

Document series: GB979-1
Document version: 5.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Best Practice
Team approved: 28-Feb-17
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 11-May-17
Date modified: 13-Jun-17
ODF Technical: Data Governance