TMF053 The NGOSS Technology Neutral Architecture v5.7

This document will describe the major concepts and architectural details of the NGOSS architecture in a technologically neutral manner. This document does not prescribe a single new technology – rather, it allows for a federation of different technologies, each of which offers particular advantages at the business and system levels. In particular, it enables business concepts and principles to drive system design and architectures. This may be implemented using currently available distributed systems information technologies. Critical to this process is the sharing and reusing of common data and information.

The goal is to define a component-based, distributed systems architecture and an associated critical set of system services that this architecture requires.


General Information

Document series: TMF053-1
Document version: 5.7
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Specifications
Team approved: 21-Nov-2006
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 21-Nov-2006