TMF644 Privacy Management API REST Specification R16.0.1

  • Maturity level: Level 4 - Forum Approved
  • Created By: API Project

This document is the specification of the REST API Privacy Management.

The Privacy management API provides standardized mechanism for privacy profile types, privacy profiles and privacy agreements such as creation, update, retrieval, deletion and notification of events.


IPR mode: RAND
Status: TM Forum Approved
Member evaluation start date: 6/24/2016
Member evaluation end date: 7/22/2016
Approval vote date: 9/30/2016
Maturity level: Level 4 – Forum Approved
Document type: Specification
Release: 16
Security: Member
Standard: Integration Framework
Project: API Project
Topic: APIs
Date Modified: 10/4/2016
Document version: 1.0.2

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