Communication Services Provider Workforce Transformation Implementation Experience R16.5.0 (IG1148)

This document is a collaborative attempt aimed at an organic characterization of CSPs’ (Communications Service Provider) workforce imperatives and the impact it will have on organizational readiness to face the ambiguously growing transformation trends. It carries forward the Value fabric concept, introduced in the 2015 document IG1135 and revolves around analyzing specifically significant areas from McKinsey 7S model. The underlying reference of this experiential work is the identified areas of Strategy & Skills, defined as the Twin deterministic pillars for ICT readiness. Scope of the document includes i) practical study of the various strategies adopted by the CSPs, according to their vision, innovation-focus, business model, go-to-market plans and influencing abilities ii) Skills required to drive the CSPs of Tomorrow and the corresponding competencies at organization, leadership, business and functional level, with an allusion to their maturity stages.

It further categorizes the conspicuous transformation-challenges and deliberates on organizational inherent (& borrowed) capability to not only address them, rather leverage them. This article introduces and holistically explores the concept of ecosystem mobilization. Its designed as a rhetoric for collective resourcefulness of the various entities involved in this symbiosis; in varying degrees of influence & interaction. The actors of this mobilization, as it affirms, can create a dynamic combination to perform orchestra, basically to collaboratively satiate the consumers & enterprises vacillating preferences. There are illustratives from the industry, cases from the ongoing developments and adapted learning from the spectrum of the industry. The authors have brought insightful stimulation’s and logically trigger the anatomical interdependence of roles, competencies, seamless functioning, workforce skill building & calibration. This paper is pragmatically embedded with existing paradigms & futuristic success factor, redundancy of roles & potential skill re-calibrations, cautious mistakes & tolerance for misadventures.

Another rich aspect of this document is snippets and contemporary practices that have been brought in, making it a demonstrative and application-oriented thesis. The impetus for sharing the Knowledge is getting more encouragement from various quarters. Huawei firmly believes that transformation is a journey and implementation sharing of results and our experiences, is the first stage. This paper is a holistic and outwardly looking awareness effort to bring in more thoughts, feedback, ideas and cognitive perspective from practitioners & operators, to make this movement more agile and collective.

The most seminal contribution of this paper is a vivid illustration of the Functions, areas and their new-age roles with the redefined competencies & acquiring of those attributes; which is remarkably indicative of the workforce of tomorrow. These have been outlined sequentially, logically and unassumingly, to offer to the readers, a panorama of the whole ecosystem and view it as a stage of performance, practicing for gainful applause of today and sustenance of tomorrow.

General Information

Document series: IG1148
Document version: 1.0.4
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Exploratory Report
Team approved: 9-Nov-2016
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Date modified: 20/Jun/2017