• Maturity level: Level 4 - Forum Approved

Release 4.0 of the MTOSI product is a major release introducing the following new feature:
– Test and Diagnostics for both Resource and Service Management.

The feature is packaged as a single DDP called “Test Management”. The data model and operation model are not separated out as is the custom with MTOSI. This DDP contains new operations that act upon two new introduced objects: Resource Test, and Resource Test Specification.

It also contains inventory operations (getTestResults, getTestSpec) that would normally be found in the Managed Resource Inventory (MRI) OM DDP.

The TMF518_TM BA discusses how proactive controlled tests can be run using the following existing operations which have been updated:
– Create and Activate Flow Domain Fragment
– Create and Activate Subnetwork Connection
– Reserve / provision / activate CFS
– Reserve / provision / activate RFS.

Resources Included