Design and Implementation Patterns and Best Practices for HIP Suite (TR263)

This series of documents captures a growing list of examples around the general area of OSS/BSS platform solutions with an initial focus on Hybrid Infrastructure Platforms.

Underpinning this series of documents are a few principles:

  • The notion of ‘Integration patterns’ that set out, in the context of diverse examples, the best practice approach to integration and orchestration of API services to support OSS/BSS automated flow through in support of Zero-touch operations orchestration and Management.  This Notion is similar in concept to the notion of ‘Design Patterns’ and ‘Antipatterns’ in Software engineering GoF
  • A blog style approach based on identifying a common integration challenge, documenting the principles and illustrating the application of the principles for a set of relevant contexts / examples.
    In the main the examples orchestrate multiple Open APIs and hence they provide patterns for common models, sequencing, and using multiple APIs to achieve a business goal.

RN359 Release Notes for TR263 Design and Implementation Patterns and Best Practices for HIP R18.0 provides the overview content and identifies the changes introduced in this current release.