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B2B employee digital engagement drives lifetime value

URN C23.0.455
Topics Customer experience management, Internet of Things (IoT), Marketplaces

A business to business (B2B) engagement solution to increase CSP profitability and brand equity with a frictionless experience for customers and their employees that reduces inefficiencies and increases employee satisfaction.

Telecom business to business (B2B) customers lack access to a digital customer engagement experience that addresses their specific needs for frictionless access, flexibility, control, and convenience in non-HR self-onboarding of employees. For B2B management (persona) there is a need to maintain their accounts as well as employee usage, products, and services through a marketplace. This Catalyst will demonstrate how the CSP’s B2B engagement solution can increase CSP profitability and brand equity with a frictionless experience for customers and their employees that reduces inefficiencies and increases employee satisfaction. The solution provides the following key business value and benefits: * Provides ease of non-HR onboarding of an employee for communications-related products and services and other products or services from value-added providers through a marketplace * Creates the most personal, relevant, and desirable experiences possible which fosters B2B customer brand loyalty and profitability * Empowers the B2B customer and their employees to reach desired outcomes more swiftly end-to-end from employee digital acquisition and onboarding through a marketplace to the business paying their bill * Turns every interaction experience into a value-adding service opportunity to build longer, more meaningful, and profitable relationships with their B2B customer Detailed mapping and interactions of the complex customer journeys to CEM, Open APIs, eTOM, ODA, and ODF will be included in the Catalyst solution's demonstration. It will extend beyond the CEM and related metrics to document mapping, interactions, and conformance of customer journeys to the significant TM Forum frameworks and assets.


Welcome to the C23.0.455 Catalyst Project artifact repository! This space is intended for visitors to gain additional insights into the business challenge this catalyst solves for the CSPs and the market-ready solution that this catalyst team has created to address the challenge (including TM Forum Frameworks and Assets employed). This catalyst solution is being showcased at DTW Ignite 2023 Copenhagen. We invite you to come by for a demonstration at this location: Area: Innovation Zone 1 Kiosk #: 18 Please enjoy browsing and do not hesitate to contact one of the team members for additional information.

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B2B employee engagement: an opportunity, not a chore

Project Artifacts

C23.0.455 Inform Blog Content

Catalyst Trailer Video

CSP Champion Sri Lanka Telecom/STL Mobitel Testimonial

C23.0.455 Customer Journey ODA Conformance

C23.0.455 Catalyst Project Introduction

C23.0.455 Infographic

C23.0.455 Complex Customer Journeys Demo Video

C23.0.455 Open Innovation Catalyst Arena

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