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Intent-driven closed-loop autonomous services towards next-generation networks

URN C23.0.467
Topics Autonomous networks

Increase your servicability by 80%. Meet your SLAs by 90%.

Current network services are based on business templates, which makes it difficult to support multiple SLA requirements for CSPs and vertical markets. Networks do not have the capability to perceive the real-time requirements of customers dynamically so as to update the configuration in time. This results in a poor customer experience and lost revenue for CSPs. This Catalyst will create an environment of closed-loop autonomous networks to support business services in multiple scenarios, including end-to-end slicing and cloud-leased lines. The platform will be able to perceive changes in customers’ requirements in real time and update the network services in minutes.


Intent-driven closed-loop autonomous network In this Catalyst we are trying to use intent to configure, optimise and assure provided services in SD-WAN, OTN and 6G Mobile. UseCase1: SD-WAN How to configure automatically the failover between different WAN Links? How to optimize paths configuration to access cloud services? and How to manage QoS in SD-WAN? Use case 1 will answer all these questions. Video Demo: SD-WAN In this video, we demonstrate how use intent to automatically configure a SD-WAN service request.Click here UseCase2: OTN How to fully automate the creation of a cloud leased-line service? How to define, fulfill and assure intent-based networking systems? and How to offer automatic bandwith monitoring and adjustment usign closed-loop mechanism? we will address all this questions in this usecase. Video Demo: OTN In this video we demonstrate how we use NLP to request a connection from company B to CLoud one. then, we see how the system automatically monitors and guarantees the bandwidth. Click here UseCase3: 6G Mobile How to configure the slice instance of different domain? How to make closed look control of slice service for intent assurance? How to manage lifecycle of slice services?


C23.0.467-Intent-driven closed-loop autonomous services-Presentation Format

C23.0.467-Intent-driven closed-loop autonomous services-Content Version-Final


Automation of Intent-Based Cloud Leased-Line Service

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