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Unleash 5G monetization with autonomous operations

URN C24.0.646
Topics 5G monetization, Autonomous networks, Intent-based networking

Unlocking tomorrow's telco: Pioneering level 5 autonomy for seamless innovation using GenAI to enhance intent-driven interactions

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This project explores innovative business models (B2B2X), vertical use cases, and ecosystem growth. The Catalyst would cover one of the (B2B) domains such as safety and autonomous vehicles, smart city solutions, community policing (CoP), environmental sustainability, and healthcare, among others. These use cases serve as examples, and the application can be tailored to specific project requirements. It emphasizes openness, intent-driven and autonomous operations to generate new revenue streams and optimize 5G slicing investments with real-world applications. Our Catalyst demonstrates the implementation of autonomous operations across the CSP ecosystem, simplifying service ordering for enterprise customers using TMF921 intent-based interfaces and concepts including GenAI natural language processing (NLP). Intent orchestration follows the dynamic service orchestration concept, and we are using AI to resolve the Service intent and mapping the resources intents. With Autonomous domains we are fully equipped for autonomous operations and end-to-end service intent lifecycle management. We believe intent is more than an API, it is a catalyst to autonomous operations and behavior. The Catalyst will be utilizing the 7 Autonomous Networks Reference Architecture principles, as we aim for Level 5 in Autonomous Operations, incorporating Autonomous Domains, Closed Loop Automation, Cross-Domain Collaboration, Decoupled Operations Layers, Intent-driven APIs, and AI-driven Knowledge and Intelligence (K&I). Our Catalyst also reveals dynamic 5G slice-based network optimization, enhanced by AIOps methodologies, including GenAI Chatbots, recommendations, and targeted offers. The solution integrates advanced Customer Journey Orchestration capabilities, significantly enhancing the customer experience. This is achieved through a sophisticated recommendation system that utilizes TMF680 API, a cornerstone in our technology stack. By leveraging this API, we can offer highly personalized recommendations, aligning services and offers with individual customer preferences and behaviors. This personalization is not just about marketing efficiency; it's about fostering deeper customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and lifetime value.

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