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GenAI powered language agnostic business operations

URN M24.0.659
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Customer experience management, Diversity

Powering multi-region business and back office operations, by leveraging generative AI capabilities for translation, analysis and contextual language generation.

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To optimize communications, data processing and content management in back-office centers across multiple geographies, CSPs increasingly require language-agnostic operations processing capabilities. This Catalyst will use advanced AI to create a language-agnostic ‘knowledge superstructure’ to dramatically improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of enterprise decisions and actions, and reduce variance in knowledge work. The solution will integrate multiple channels of communication such as emails, live chats, calls to contact centers, interactions through portals and applications designed exclusively for partners and vendors. The goal is to create a unified language-agnostic approach that will replace region-specific systems and reduce the need to source staff with particular language skills. To be developed as a TM Forum ODA (open digital architecture) component, the solution will use generative AI translation and classical conversational AI tools to take into account contextual information such as brand voice, tone, industry and audience, so that translations are both accurate and on-brand. As the underlying large language models (LLMs) are fine-tuned with industry-specific data, they will become increasingly accurate over time. To complement general purpose LLMs, the Catalyst will also employ ‘LLMOps’ to develop multiple specially-trained LLMs, customized for specific purposes so that they can maximize efficiencies in their specific realms. The solution will be designed to integrate easily with data stores and applications belonging to various regions (with their own data formats, languages and other constraints), and ensure low-latency processing of information and response. As a result, CSPs and their agents will be able to interact productively with customers and stakeholders in near-real time. The proposed solution will also comply with data safety rules pertaining to each region, as well as region-specific and enterprise-wide guardrails. Once the solution is in place, customers should enjoy a better communication experience: they won’t have to repeat themselves to be understood, or have to put up with ambiguous responses because of language and dialect differences. To measure progress, the Catalyst will track multiple key performance indicators, such as the number of interactions per conversation.

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