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AN empowers distinctive experience for cognitive transformation

URN C23.0.542
Topics Autonomous networks

Optimizing the next layers of network autonomy for successful return on investment of autonomous networks.

Communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a number of challenges, including slow revenue growth, ARPU pressure, and profit challenges. To provide real-time, interactive, and personalized services and network operations, CSPs need technological innovation and digital transformation. Autonomous networks (AN) are a key component of digital transformation plans among CSPs. The commercial success of these plans relies in part on optimizing Layer 3 and Layer 4 (L3 and L4) network autonomy. This Catalyst shows how to improve high-value L3 and L4 scenarios, including IP networks, transmission networks, core networks, and service domains. It does this by improving standards of efficiency in operations and maintenance (O&M) and user experience, forming a practical set of AN assessment methods, and helping CSPs achieve higher customer satisfaction with guaranteed SLAs. The Catalyst implements innovative AN L3/L4 scenarios that comply with industry standards and achieves the self-x and zero-x vision goals mentioned by CSPs.


1. Storyline & Solution According to the AN report, TM Forum 2023, 71% CSPs take “Customer Experience” as TOP1 Driver of Network Automation. There are three key issues proposed by Champions that will lead to poor user experience, including service congestion caused by massive network usage, network frequent failure and long service provision and change waiting time. To provide Zero-X user experience in these scenarios, the network faces a lot of challenges, including but not limited to the following aspects: 1)High workload for radio complaint handling, 2)Recognize & self-healing massive users experience deterioration, 3)Real-time transport resource assurance, 4)Ensure real-time network experience in dynamic IP networks, 5)Achieve e2e fault detection & quality monitoring, 6)Deal with traffic boost and sudden failures in ran networks, 7)Collaborate IP and optical effectively to ensure excellence network experience, 8)Quickly autonomous service provisioning. To address the preceding challenges, multiple innovative AN solutions are proposed: * Customer Complaint AI-Driven Handling: AI-based potential CP user recognition, rule-based problem cause auto-analysis. * Massive User Event AN Assurance: AI power E2E self-x assurance, true cross-domain RCA, rule base decision orchestration, intelligent on-demand change & rollback. * Proactive Optical Assurance with AI Prediction: AI-based resource visualization, forecast, warning, and online visualized planning. * Transport (IP) Assurance with Digital Twin: multi-dimensional visualization, differential path computation, Poor-QoE identification & diagnosis, traffic optimization * AI-based E2E Incident Management: AI-based automatic analysis and self-Identification, proactive abnormal awareness and prediction * Real-time RAN Remote Repair: real-time cell outage detection and compensation automatically, min-level traffic burst awareness and intelligent burst control. * Multi-layer Transport Fault Demarcation: unified topology visualization, multi-layer fault demarcation, health doctor, latency optimization. * Intent Based E2E Autonomous Service Provisioning: intent-based network, scenario-based orchestration, one-stop integrated delivery. Based on the preceding solutions, there are some achievements from CSPs' implementation. Zero-X is measured by Key Effectiveness Indicators (KEI). From the Zero Touch perspective, the number of total radio complaints were reduced by 10%. In terms of Zero Trouble, TT automation rate increased from 20% to 85%, and TTM was reduced from 1.5 days to 7 minutes for Zero Wait. 2. Team Collaborations [IMAGE] During 4Q2022 and 1Q2023, AIS, ZAIN and Huawei initiated the project, which was subsequently joined by other companies. After brainstorming, the team developed the idea that experience improvement is a major proposition that ANs need to address.In March 2023, challenges were identified, including poor network experience, poor network stability and long service waiting time. Solutions were designed in April to address these challenges. Actions including building solution architecture, defining innovation scenario and AN goal, as well as evaluating the operation process and identifying gaps were implemented.The concepts are proved in live networks from May through August, in which AI, automation and digital twin were introduced into the system and process.Currently, the team is preparing for the showcase at DTW in September. All Champions and participants collaborated and contributed to the success of the Catalyst program by teaming up with periodic workshops and open mind sharing meeting. Champions raised pain points and chose to pioneer corresponding issues while also engaging with others. AIS and TSEL spearheaded programs related to user experience. The issue of poor network stability was initiated by ZAIN and MTN, and China Unicom took the lead on Zero Wait scenarios. Participants worked together to solve these problems. Huawei designed multiple solutions by applying technologies such as AI, LLM, digital twin, automation, etc. OSSera deployed solution on single platform for entire telco network and Futurewei designed AN business architecture. Each Champion engages in various technical feasibility evaluation across business, service and resource layer that includes deep dive discussion on tested AN use case and demanding capability gap with participants for faster roadmap realization. 3. Used TM Forum Assets in the Innovation Practices [IMAGE]

4. Champions' AN Ambitions

【Telkomsel】Mr. Nugroho Speech for Autonomous Network

【ZAIN】Mr. Mohammad Speech for Autonomous Network

【AIS】Mr. Boonchoung_Speech for Autonomous Network vision and practice acheviment in CCP scenario

【Telkomsel】Mr. Nugroho Speech for Autonomous Network

【Telkomsel 】TSEL Speech_Autonomous Network for TMF

【China Unicom】AN Empowers China Unicom's digital operation transformation

5. Team Collaboration, Used Assets, Project Value

Team Collaboration

Used TM Forum Assets

Project Values and Outlook

6. Champions' AN Practices and Achievements

【UC1】Customer Complaint AI-Driven Handling

【UC5】AI-based E2E Incident Management

【UC2】Massive User Event AN Assurance

C23.0.542 Catalyst Main Slide Deck

【UC4】Transport (IP) Assurance with Digital Twin

【UC7】Multi-layer Transport Fault Demarcation

7. Champions' AN Practice Testimony

【ZAIN】Mr. Raad Speech for Autonomous Network Practices

【Telkomsel】Mr. Adithya_Speech for Autonomous Network practice

【Telkomsel】Mr. Ari_Speech for Autonomous Network practice

8. Learn more about us

【Huawei】Autonomous Driving Network (ADN)

【Futurewei】Embraces Open Innovation Model

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