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Experience guaranteed connectivity

URN C23.0.582
Topics Autonomous networks, Business assurance, Network as a Service (NaaS)

Drive billions in new revenue through accelerated scale-out of industry verticals.

The competitive battleground is focused on QoE differentiation. Sales teams face intense pressure to deliver RoI by monetizing superior QoS with a faster sales cycle. Today, every sales opportunity relies on estimating the network's capacity to deliver QoS. However, there is no precise way to certify service quality until it's too late. This leads to imprecise sales planning, sub-standard quality, long sales cycles, and unmonetized capacity. This Catalyst demonstrates how modern, cloud-native, experience-aware network automation breaks this paradigm. On-demand service simulation can automatically validate services before offering them to a given customer, and throughout ordering, activation, and delivery. This means CSPs can precisely identify markets where services can be supported by available resources, and certify service quality before activating services. This is vital to accelerating TTM and delivering SLAs. The project solution proposes to introduce automated active assurance to support ordering and CPQ. This will provide enterprise sales teams the ability to quickly and easily certify carrier-grade performance while offering, negotiating, and finally provisioning services.


In this section you can find catalyst use case overviews, champion video testimonials, demo screenshots and videos, links to the project CurateFX page, product descriptions, and long-form content such as white papers.

00 - Introduction

Catalyst & Resources Walk-through

01 - Demos, Ecosystem Value Map, user stories and solution overview

Project CurateFX page

Charging Stations: automated validation and, optimization

Charging station active validation example

Orchestration Innovations

Example of ordering workflow for location-based slicing connectivity

Catalyst White Paper

Catalyst White Paper - Summary

02 - Champion Testimonials and Business Context

Togg Trumore Infotainment Service Overview

Togg CEO speaks with strategic business partners at the Gemlik Campus

Togg CEO Reveals ambition for 'completely different experience, far beyond moving from A to B' at CES 2023

Togg Mobile Experience Center

Tour of a Trugo Fast Charging Station

BT Champion catalyst introduction

03 - Catalyst Showbag

Juniper Paragon Active Assurance Datasheet

Juniper Paragon Automation Datasheet

Oracle Unified Operations - Cross-Domain Service Orchestration - Appledore Profile

Etiya Product Catalog Mng

Etiya Digital BSS

Etiya CRM

Inform feature

How to validate network SLAs for enterprise customers before the sale

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