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Intelligence and value driven digital operation transformation for network

URN C23.0.591
Topics Autonomous networks, Fault management, Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Leveraging AI technology to drive autonomous operations maturity that delivers value.

Digital transformation is vital for CSPs as they reinvent their operating models to win in the digital world. In order to remain competitive, CSPs need to build capabilities that help them to accelerate digitalization and move operational performance towards autonomous operations and personalized customer experiences. To help build these capabilities, this Catalyst leverages AI to develop a closed-loop automation solution for an autonomous operation scenario. This will be achieved by introducing an architecture framework and intelligent operations foundation, and phasing in the rest of the core processes over time. The ambition of the Catalyst is to evolve the system’s adaptability and governance capability to equip it with self-awareness, self-analysis, self-decision, and self-execution with minimal human intervention. The Catalyst innovation will deliver R.I.S.E values expounded in the Value Operation Framework (VOF) of IG1269 and IG1292 and will enable CSPs to: * Revenue: Identify new revenue opportunities where customer emand is not met by the existing network resources. * Innovation: Leverage AI technology to drive autonomous operations. * Customer Satusfaction: Deliver zero-trouble experiences to customers. * Operation Efficiency: Continuously drive CSPs' operational efficiency from automation to autonomy through AI technology.


1. Introduction to C23.0.591 Catalyst Our champions shared their challenges as follows: 1. To cope with increase operating expenses as the network grows in size and sophistication. 2. To have a stable and reliable networks and services in a growing complex network environment 3. Gain timely and high visibility of the network health and service impact. The vision of C23.0.591 is to create values for our Champions to enhance customer experience, and drive operation efficiency through autonomous operation. More importantly enable Champion to flexible varying their operation model based on the service impact detected. To achieve this vision, our Catalyst leverages on the AI technology equipped with field proven algorithm such as: 1. Spatial-temporal clustering algorithm to increase accuracy in network demarcation and root-caused locating. 2. Graphical Neural Networks to enable a holistic service impact analysis of the affected and the neighbouring nodes for fault resolution prioritization. 3. Adaptive spatiotemporal entropy frequent item mining algorithm to perform AI mining on historical alarms and topology data. To realize the service capability roadmap in accelerating their AO journey, the Catalyst team has implemented two POC to validate the consistency of the solution values. In conclusion, the outcome of the POC showed a consistent result that is translated to an annual business values of USD 841.3K for POC 1 and USD 2.4 Million for POC 2. POC 1: Intelligent Fault Closed-Loop automation MVP * 80% to 98.0% accuracy in network single domain demarcation. * 50% to 93.4% accuracy for network cross-domain demarcation. * 60% to 97.1% coverage in network alarm correlation POC 2: Intelligent Service Impact Management MVP * 15.09% reduction of data traffic lost * 14.59% reduction in user connectivity impact. 2. Catalyst Storyboard

Catalyst Slides

C23.0.591 Main Slide Deck

C.23.0.591 Arena Presentation Slide Deck

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How to drive autonomous operations maturity with AI

Team Collaboration

C23.0.591 Catalyst Team at Work

Team collaboration on HKT POC

Catalyst POC review with XL Axiata CTO

Business view review with XL Axiata CTO

High energy level of brain storming

HKT-Huawei POC project kick off

Video Clips

Champion Statement of I Gede Darmayusa - Director/Chief Technology Officer

Champion Statement of Michael Yue, VP Strategy Coordination Office of HKT

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