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CABOOM! Converged access B2B2C over ODA marketplace – Phase III

URN C24.0.624
Topics Autonomous networks, Customer experience management, Network as a Service (NaaS)

Elevating CaaS to new heights with immersive experiences

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Visit CABOOM at Kiosk C25 in Catalyst Zone 1 Over the next 3 years, CSPs are projected to invest a massive US$342 billion in network infrastructure to keep pace with surging consumer & enterprise needs, according to Deloitte. But with CSP connectivity revenues to modestly increase by 4% during this time, how can operators recoup their substantial expenditures? For CSPs to avoid becoming a commodity pipe to hyperscalers, how do operators build a competitive edge, create new enterprise business and provide a flawless customer experience? Previously, engagements between CSPs and hyperscalers have been custom 1-off very time-consuming projects, with complex application development and multiple integrations spanning numerous networks and systems. It’s time for a new approach to address these challenges. At DTW 2024, we will demonstrate how CSP’s can seamlessly offer Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) using our catalyst we've coined as “CABOOM”, which stands for “Converged Access B2B2C Over ODA Marketplace”. This year’s catalyst puts into action OSS APIs from CAMARA, of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, and the TM Forum. We are very excited to illustrate use cases such as how CSPs can provide Quality on Demand to any 5G consumer or enterprise within sport stadiums, entertainment venues and beyond. We’ll also reframe our use case for scenarios such as the Paris Olympic summer games and even Formula 1 racing, for a spectator to “virtually” get into the driver's seat. By CSP’s embracing “CABOOM”, complexity is removed from the integration between marketplaces and connectivity, creating new operator monetization opportunities to capitalize on the exploding global CaaS market. To help CSPs succeed in this market, this phase III of the Converged Access for ODA, will seek to assure reliable connectivity across different technologies. The previous phases of the Catalyst addressed business continuity across multiple network technologies. Phase II, for example, made big strides in demonstrating a converged OSS to support fiber and FWA (fixed wireless access) connectivity for SMBs (small to medium businesses). The Catalyst will draw on the TM Forum’s existing assets related to the ODA (open digital architecture), convergence, intent, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous networks, together with the work of CAMARA - an open source project for developers to access enhanced network capabilities. In particular, it will explore how CAMARA APIs can be integrated with the ODA to support both mobile and non-mobile use cases. What sets CABOOM apart from other projects, is our automated approach to simplifying operations, all while delivering intent. CABOOM has implemented additional business logic beyond CAMARA with TMF APIs, to protect the network and ensure superior performance. A bonus is CSPs can avoid introducing further complex components like NEF, SCEF and more. CABOOM Catalyst team submitted to three award categories in 2024: Business Impact, Beyond Telco and Tech for Good. Ready to go CABOOM and evolve your business? Then let's meet at DTW: visit us at Kiosk C25 in Catalyst Zone 1.


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