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Incident co-pilot

URN C24.0.636
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Autonomous networks, Fault management

Using GenAI-powered solutions to increase proactive incident management, reducing repeat incidents and resolution times.

In today's complex network environments, incident management is a critical task for ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime. However, traditional incident management tools often fall short in providing the necessary correlation and next-best-action guidance to effectively manage incidents. This is where generative AI (GenAI) can play a transformative role. Problem: Lack of Correlation and Next-Best-Action Guidance The root cause (RCA) of incidents is often difficult to determine, especially when multiple sources of data, such as alarms, tickets, and customer feedback, are involved. Traditional incident management tools struggle to correlate this disparate data and provide actionable insights. Additionally, these tools often lack the ability to suggest next-best-actions, leaving incident management teams to rely on their experience and intuition. Solution: GenAI for Incident Co-pilot GenAI can address these challenges by providing a more comprehensive and proactive approach to incident management. GenAI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data from various sources to identify patterns, anomalies, and potential root causes. This ability to correlate data effectively is essential for determining the true RCA of incidents. Furthermore, GenAI can go beyond simply identifying root causes and provide next-best-action guidance to incident management teams. By analyzing historical incident data and current network conditions, GenAI can recommend the most effective course of action to resolve incidents and prevent future occurrences. The proposed solution is a human-AI co-pilot system that leverages Generative AI (GenAI) to bridge the gap between AI algorithms and human trust. This system addresses the "Catch 22" problem by providing a transparent and understandable explanation of AI-generated insights, enabling human users to gradually build trust in the AI's recommendations. GenAI holds immense potential to revolutionize incident management by providing tools like Incident Co-pilot with the ability to correlate data effectively, identify root causes accurately, and provide next-best-action guidance. By leveraging GenAI, organizations can significantly improve their incident management capabilities, reducing downtime, enhancing customer satisfaction, and minimizing business disruptions.


Incident Copilot is not just a large language model integrated with your network technology; it goes beyond that by leveraging NOC Network Domain knowledge and advanced technologies to deliver tailored capabilities for incident management use cases. 1.Simplifies the complex NOC domain area, 2.Catches what other Engineers may miss, 3. Bridges the skills gap between novice and experienced engineers. Incident Copilot enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of NOC engineers, helping them grow their capabilities and skills. It supports workflows and teams in solving incident challenges, ensuring that your data remains secure and under your control, without being used to train external foundation models.

1. Introduction

Why we need an Incident Co-Pilot? Catalyst Champions

2. Incident Co-Pilot Demo

3. Catalyst Whitepaper

1. Catalyst Overview

Root Cause Analysis Demo

Prompt Engineering for Root-Cause Analysis Demo

2. Short Overviews

Incident Copilot – Summary of Value

Incident Copilot – Augment the NOC Engineer

Better Customer Expereience through AI-Driven Self-Care

3. Blogs and Articles

Incident Co-Pilot Features and Benefits (Blog)

Understanding BPMN Flows

BPMN in the Framework of Requirements Identification

4. Company-specific Information

Infosys ISNA GenAI Demo

Inform feature

The NOC engineer’s new teammate: the Incident Co-pilot solution for faster incident resolution

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