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Elastic network ensures reliable experience

URN C24.0.655
Topics 5G monetization, Autonomous networks, Customer experience management

Seamless and safe experiences of private 5G through network slicing

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Digital, network, and intelligent transformation are accelerating in various industries. Application scenarios that combine computing power and networks are diversified, posing higher requirements on convenient cloud access, deterministic quality, ultra-large bandwidth, elastic network, and self-service O&M. Based on customer requirements, this project thoroughly explores CSP network capabilities and advantages, uses Autonomous Networks (AN) technologies to build elastic, high-quality, and open computing-network infrastructure, and provides reliable and high-quality network service capabilities. The project includes two solutions. 1. ToH - new home computing-network infrastructure: building home broadband edge computing cloud gateways to extend home LANs to the cloud 2. ToB - video networking collaborative scheduling: intelligent collaboration of AI applications and on-demand scheduling According to an Accenture report, by 2035, AN will facilitate the development of 12 industries worthy of USD 57 trillion. China Mobile's efforts in this project help CSPs around the world leverage their network advantages, apply AN technologies to improve their industry competitiveness, and provide high-quality digital infrastructures, including network, cloud computing, and AI, as services and platforms for vertical industries, enabling vertical industries to better promote digital intelligent transformation. CSPs can play an important role in the in-depth integration of computing power and networks. A large amount of multisource and heterogeneous computing power that is everywhere can be connected through networks, achieving efficient resource scheduling, green and low-carbon facilities, flexible computing power supply, and intelligent on-demand services, enabling high-quality economic development with high-quality computing power development. Based on AN capabilities, CSPs can make tremendous progress in enhancing and enabling innovative services. The achievements of this catalyst project can be applied to the following scenarios: 1、 Elastic private lines for an ultra-large amount of data + hitless assurance: AI training data transfer to the cloud for autonomous driving vehicles, film post-production, and transfer of a large amount of data for scientific computing 2、 Integrated computing-network services for automobile enterprises in IoV scenarios 3、 Integrated computing-network services for home customers in cloud computer scenarios



Elastic Network Ensures Reliable Experience


TOH new solution

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