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AI agent empowering higher autonomous level

URN C24.0.672
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Autonomous networks, Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Making network operations more accessible with large language models

The telecom industry faces a dual challenge: On one hand, increasing network and operational complexity, and the need for customer-centricity. Existing solutions have been proven inadequate, leading to higher costs and customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI agents presents a transformative opportunity. The telecom operators can leverage these innovations to revolutionize network operations and customer experience. But the path to successful adoption and integration is not without hurdles. Telecom operators must navigate the complexities of adapting these innovations to their existing systems and processes to pave the way to their transformation into techcos. The catalyst project members conclude the Industry consensus that LLM-based AI Agent is the key to address the challenges and A collaborative and innovative approach to adopt this advanced technology is crucial. We will pioneer a LLM-based AI Agent, utilizing a network digital twin to amalgamate insights from current systems. The agent will autonomously execute complex tasks using AIOps. LLM will interpret user intents, deconstruct tasks, and deliver optimal solutions, propelling us towards scope autonomy and a target-driven model. To address adoption and integration challenges, we will develop a phased approach, starting with a proof of concept and gradually expanding to full-scale implementation. Our team will collaborate closely with stakeholders across the organization to ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes. Our approach aligns with Open Digital Architecture (ODA) standards, ensuring scalability and adoptability by other telcos. During this project, the following business cases will be explored to assess and refine the capabilities of the LLM-based AI Agent: Home Broadband Self-Service from China Telecom: Implementing AI agent for automated customer support in self-service platforms; Customer Complaint Handling from China Telecom: Utilizing AI agent to enhance the efficiency of complaint resolution processes within the NOC back office; High-Value User Experience Assurance from HKT: Leveraging AI to proactively manage and assure service quality for high-value customers. AI Agent empowers telcos' higher autonomous level, revolutionizing operations, reducing costs, and boosting customer satisfaction. By setting a best practice for revolutionizing network operations and customer experience, we aim to inspire the industry to embrace AI-driven solutions, unlocking new opportunities for enhanced efficiency and revenue growth.

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