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Technician as a salesman: Chat activation journey

URN C24.0.688
Topics Customer experience management, IT & process automation, Service orchestration

How to streamline customer onboarding through popular messaging apps

To activate telecoms services for customers, technicians must typically employ a series of complex BSS/OSS (business and operations support systems), involving multiple web-based and specific mobile app interfaces. To foster a more cohesive and efficient onboarding process, there is a need to simplify technicians’ workflow, while standardizing the tools they use. This Catalyst aims to harness the ubiquity and simplicity of widely-used messaging apps such as WhatsApp to create a unified solution that can support the entire customer service activation journey. The messaging app will become the hub for technicians to guide customers through onboarding from product selection to installation. The project plans to integrate the messaging app seamlessly with backend systems (such as enterprise resource planning, billing, customer relationship management, order management, workforce and inventory systems) using API calls exposed in line with the TM Forum’s Open API standard. This integration will ensure technicians have real-time access to critical information, thereby optimizing resource utilization and providing a comprehensive view of the customer's journey. By providing technicians with a single platform through which they can initiate, customize, and activate services seamlessly, the proposed solution will reduce training time and increase overall team efficiency. For customers, it will accelerate the onboarding process and enhance their satisfaction with the experience. The solution will also support customer-initiated referral programs. The success of the proposed solution will be measured through a combination of key performance indicators and qualitative assessments. These include the time taken for a customer and technician to move through the entire onboarding and activation process, changes in customer satisfaction, uptake of referral programs, and the lead conversion rate. One of the key project milestones will be to evaluate the extent to which the solution enables technicians to sell effectively. To that end, the Catalyst will test the performance and impact of the proposed solution within a controlled ecosystem in partnership with a CSP.


A Technician in a telecom operator is a versatile professional who blends technical expertise with sales acumen to deliver comprehensive telecom solutions to clients. This role bridges the gap between the technical intricacies of the telecom industry and the needs of customers, thereby contributing to the growth and success of the telecom operator. In addition to having an efficient workforce, this process leverages digital communication channels, such as WhatsApp, to facilitate efficient and rapid communication among Technicians, Customers, and the Back Office. This approach ensures a mutually satisfying experience for both the telecom operator and its valued customers, enhancing overall operational efficiency and service quality.

Arena Presentation

Arena Presentation

Technician as Salesman in action - Demonstration

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How to bring technicians into sales efforts without adding operational complexity

Project Description

Technician As Salesman

Technician As Salesman - Use Case

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