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The Big Deal

URN C24.5.734
Topics B2B Services, Open APIs, Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Complex enterprise deals are hard to manage we are tackling challenges to make enterprise business repeatable and profitable for CSPs.

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Our solution has the following innovative capabilities; Visually model complex configuration and relationships in a TMF compliant catalog, to productize and automate all CSP offers to Enterprise customers. Many enterprise business units within telcos quote manually. In operating this way CSPs forego the opportunity to automate quote production (time to quote) and lose deals, configurations cannot be validated, costing needs to be done manually and quotes are unable to transition seamlessly to become orders introducing an additional step which can be a source of error as well as adding significant effort. CSP's that undertake transformation over their enterprise business units often use non Telco focused “Core Commerce” solutions with the intention of solving this problem, starting with a small number of products but because of the coding required per product and the usefulness of the solution is limited when only part of the product catalog is available from which to assemble a quote, so doing all of this within a visually configured Telco focused catalog is a must. During bespoke contracting use Gen AI to assist drafting of the contract and the generate commercial considerations for the quote. GEN AI can suggest contractual clauses and analyze the impact of changes to contractual clauses, significantly accelerating contracting which if the CSP is being attentive the contracting period Is typically low risk of deal loss, but contracting faster will bring revenue forward and make it more predictable for the CSP. Use Gen AI to help guide us through this process and provide insights. Predict potential issues and likely timelines per site, product, configuration, channel, partner etc. Manage change and non-happy path use cases as the big deal progresses. Many CSPs need to cancel and restart parts of orders to deal with change, others change OK, but suffer from revenue leakage through uncontrolled change. Support the channels of choice for sales teams, customers, operations staff and partners. Using TM Forum Open APIs, integrate with partners comprehensively enough to address the challenges of enterprise so the CSP can effectively share responsibility with the partner. Agreed life cycles, SLAs

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