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Closing the metaverse chasm: Monetizing the ecosystem

URN M23.0.494
Topics Ecosystem management, Metaverse, Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

Simplifying and monetizing relationships within the metaverse community and across platforms.

The Metaverse is an emerging market, and at the core of its various definitions, it represents the next evolution of shared immersive experiences. By seamlessly blending our physical and digital worlds, it will evolve over time to significantly impact our daily work and social lives. These immersive experiences should not solely focus on virtual reality but encompass the entire spectrum of extended reality. Users will expect diverse ways to safely access and interact within the metaverse, transcending multiple platforms and offering seamless connectivity tailored to their experiences. However, tapping into this new business opportunity will require breakthroughs in technology, business model innovation, and ecosystem interactions. CSPs that have started experimenting with immersive offerings and new partnerships fully understand the considerable costs and complexities involved in exploring the metaverse as an emerging line of business. With limitations in siloed platforms, minimal realistic use cases, a lack of VR technology adoption, and partnership complexities, there are numerous issues to overcome to take the metaverse to the mass market. Our goal in this Moonshot Catalyst is to explore several new innovations that will overcome these issues and firmly position telco service providers in the value chain, offering realistic monetization opportunities for all ecosystem partners by: * Metaverse-enabling existing use cases within the metaverse that bring additional value and have clear monetization potential. * Expanding the metaverse's reach beyond virtual reality with a multi-channel extended reality environment using blockchain-based secure ID and digital transactions. * Automatically embedding connectivity into the immersive experience with dynamic feasibility checks to guarantee service quality. * Showcasing new business models and monetization potential through social gamification and cross-platform loyalty. * Assisting in curating communities of users across diverse metaverse platforms. * Establishing an open and replicable metaverse foundation with zero-touch partnerships that can be applied to various use cases to optimize costs. Through these new innovations, the Catalyst team aims to accelerate the metaverse from an exploratory, siloed technology into a viable and profitable business opportunity for CSPs and their partners, adding real value to a broad user base.


Proposed Solution Our catalyst demonstrates how CSPs and partners can monetize new immersive social experiences, accessible to the mass-market, through the entire spectrum of extended reality. We will achieve this with a replicable metaverse foundation that that can work with any 3rd party or CSP immersive experience, linking together the platforms users care about. And we expand the monetization potential with a focus on B2B2X. In doing so we help CSPs adapt to any immersive experience, transforming exploratory metaverse solutions into a viable and profitable ecosystem business across many industries. Please view the content below to get details on every aspect of our innovative solution. And enjoy highlights of the demo that you can be immersed in at DTW! We look forward to seeing you there.

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ODA Analysis

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Catalyst usecase and solution overview

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NTT QONOQ VR AR Experience

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Juniper Paragon Active Assurance

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