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AI-driven EBITDA mastery: Revolutionizing customer journeys

URN M24.0.708
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Customer experience management, Revenue assurance

Remodeling Revenue Journeys with Generative AI and Intent Analysis to deliver 30%+ EBITDA growth and operational cost saving

CSPs continue to search for mechanisms to improve EBITDA in the face of high competition and formidable network investment requirements. Generative AI is transforming the revenue management lifecycle, and this catalyst partnership provides an opportunity to turn our top operational challenges into avenues of profitability (EBITDA Growth) and operational efficiency. Our goal is to collaborate with the catalyst team to validate the costliest aspects of the customer and service journey and to apply a designed Generative AI solution that drives operational efficiency and secures a notable lead in both EBITDA growth and market competition. We will address and select use cases that span three key target categories: customer experience, service operations, and product development. Utilizing Generative AI and Intent Analysis to remodel revenue management and enrich conversational commerce, our goal is to create hyper-personalized natural language customer journeys that integrate sales and service engagements, improving both revenue and service assurance whilst dramatically reducing the cost-to-serve. We aim to apply proactive intelligence for early customer engagement to reframe and automate the customer experience to new levels. This will allow organizations to: * Engage proactively with customers and stakeholders directly through natural language to reduce otherwise costly service engagement. * Tailor acquisition and upsell strategies to individual contexts to maximize customer profitability. * Optimize packages, pricing, and offers based on customer context in real-time. * Drive sales with intelligence and customer intent rather than relying solely on post-sale profitability analysis. * Ensure revenue assurance operates in parallel with customer engagement to enhance customer value. * Refine retention management strategies to align with customer lifetime value and move away from generic and potentially unprofitable policies Resources README FIRST! Here, you'll discover videos and resources showcasing the AI architecture designed in this catalyst, along with its use cases and business value. 1. Executive Introduction - Provides a high-level introduction to the catalyst 2. Business Track - Provides Business Intro, Business Value Analysis, and CurateFX Business Information 3. Technical Track - Provides Solution Intro, Use Case Demos, and CurateFX Tech Information 4. Vendor Products - Provides information on the vendor products behind the solution


1. Executive Introduction

Project Summary Infographic

Catalyst Datasheet

Solution Concept Document

Readme First - Catalyst Learning Journey

2. Business Track

Business Value Assessment

Business Value Recording

Business Value Assessment Worksheet

3. Technical Track

CurateFX Modules

Demo Recording - Use Case 2

Demo Recording - Use Case 1

Solution Outline

4. Vendor Products

Salesforce Billing Inquiry Manager Datasheet

Nespon Solutions Datasheet

Calvi Bill Presentment Brochure

Aria Billing Cloud Datasheet

AWS GenAI for Telecoms

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