Building a better future for all.

Technology has the power to drive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transformations.

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Driving sustainable ESG transformation

The telecoms industry is striving to launch competitive, digital business models and customer experiences, is accelerating the transition to scalable, cloud-native practices across the value chain.

This represents a growing opportunity to drive up ESG standards and practices. Closed-loop, self-optimizing systems are accelerating reductions in energy consumption, while demand for new skills is leading many businesses to become more diverse and inclusive.

Service providers increasingly are using data to up their game in sustainability reporting and taking key steps to ensure that data is helping them achieve tangible outcomes. But to do so they must navigate complex benchmarks, frameworks, standards and targets. 

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The Forum’s impact on UN SDGs


Delivering a sustainable future for all

TM Forum is enabling sustainability impact across the telecoms industry to support members to:

  • Align business and ESG goals to deliver innovation and growth and accelerate digital ESG transformations.
  • Define a partner-driven sustainability vision, facilitating knowledge sharing, and collaboration for reductions in waste, emissions, and better utilization of renewables.
  • Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals with our Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and other tools providing a blueprint for scalable, high-impact innovations.


Through our Labs, we support rapid innovation and prototyping to transform members’ business operations, unlock growth, and build a more sustainable industry.

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Access resources from our members and dedicated team of analysts to understand new perspectives on ESG, technologies, and emerging digital challenges.

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Our Open Digital Architecture (ODA), Open APIs, and component library are constantly updated to support development of new, sustainable cloud-native solutions.

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    Join us in our global survey on Telcos: Net Zero and the Energy Transition 2023, and make an impact, as we explore telcos' journey towards decarbonization and net zero emissions.

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    Understand the challenges CSPs are facing to improve network energy efficiency and the steps they are taking to manage end-to-end energy use.

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