Autonomous Networks Summit 2024

Tuesday 27 February | 10:15 am – 12:15 pm

Registration opens at 9:30 am 

Hotel Porta Fira
Location: Las Arenas 4
Barcelona, Spain

Autonomous Networks (AN) Level 4 is coming

As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for Autonomous Networks (AN) that can manage and optimize connectivity on their own only intensifies. With the era of intelligent, Autonomous Networks approaching, it will enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to achieve significant advancements. As a key enabler of digital transformation, Autonomous Networks will empower CSPs with heightened network reliability and quality, the ability to streamline their operations and facilitate scalability.

What steps should the industry prioritize to enhance collaboration to advance towards achieving AN level 4 together? To address these crucial next steps, TM Forum is hosting the Autonomous Networks Summit during MWC on 27 February at Hotel Porta Fira in Barcelona and will bring together leading representatives from CSPs for meaningful collaboration.

Join forces at this industry summit to actively shape the trajectory of Autonomous Networks, fostering a collective commitment to move toward AN level 4 to deliver industry prosperity and business success. Hear best practices from visionary leaders who are spearheading the integration of these network strategies and help solidify the industry’s pivotal role in accelerating the future of intelligent digital infrastructure.

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9:30 am Registration

10:15 am Welcome

Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum

Advancing to AN L4: Shaping a Digitally Intelligent Future Together

  • How do emerging technologies propel telecom networks forward, serving as the cornerstone for driving digital transformation across society?
  • What steps are necessary to establish an AN framework that guides the evolution of capabilities across the entire network?
  • How can we effectively integrate AI capabilities into network operations to boost the efficiency of on-site engineers and promote energy conservation?

Dr. Li Huidi, EVP, China Mobile

Embracing the Intelligent Era and Accelerating towards Highly Autonomous Networks

  • Amidst evolving challenges, what drives operators to consistently opt for AN?
  • What specific advantages do operators derive from implementing AN?
  • What are the essential components of transitioning towards Highly Autonomous Networks, and why is this shift imperative in addressing modern networking demands effectively?

Yang Chaobin, Director, President of ICT Products & Solutions, Huawei

AN Initiative Launch – Accelerating Towards AN Level 4

TM Forum Delivering Autonomous Networks

  • How can we identify and harness the pivotal capabilities necessary to propel Autonomous Networks forward?​
  • What significant milestones has the industry reached after dedicating four years to its advancement?​
  • What strategies can be employed to effectively surmount the obstacles inherent in achieving the ambitious goal of attaining Level 3/4 within a three-year timeframe?

George Glass, CTO, TM Forum

Autonomous Networks Value Research

  • Why is it important to analyze both the business and social value of Autonomous Networks?
  • How do Autonomous Networks create dual value?
  • How do the dual benefits of Autonomous Networks influence operators and intersecting industries?
  • What actionable strategies should be adopted in response to the multifaceted value proposition of Autonomous Networks?

Aurelio Nocerino, Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory, Global 5G Delivery and Capability Lead, Accenture

AN Industry Achievement & Prospect

Henry Calvert, Head of Network, GSMA

Telecom Argentina – Autonomous Networks Strategy & Practice

  • What are the main drivers for implementing an AN Strategy throughout Telecom Argentina?
  • How do we go about selecting and developing AN use cases?
  • What are the benefits associated with implementing use cases for home broadband and mobile core network applications?

Eduardo Panciera, VP, Network and Service Technology, Telecom Argentina

AN CoPilot Accelerates Autonomous Networks to Evolve to Higher Levels

  • How does Asiainfo AN Copilot function as an accelerator and catalyst for the advancement of highly autonomous networks?​
  • What are the foundational elements of the Copilot model and cognitive enhancement service, and how do they contribute to the progression of network autonomy?​
  • In what ways does the development of the AN Copilot toolset empower operators in their transition towards highly autonomous networks?

Ye Ouyang, SVP & CTO, IEEE Fellow, AsiaInfo

Accelerating Towards Autonomy: Strategies and Progress in Achieving AN Level 4

  • What strategies have been employed to drive the acceleration towards AN Level 4? 
  • What recent advancements have been achieved in the pursuit for AN Level 4?
  • What quantifiable performance improvements have resulted from progress towards AN Level 4?
  • What insights have been gleaned from the journey, and how can they inform future implementations or those aiming to achieve this milestone?

Emmanuel Chautard, SVP, Operations and Network Economics, Orange


Nik Willetts
TM Forum
Li Huidi
Executive Vice President
China Mobile
Yang Chaobin
Director, President of ICT Products & Solutions
George Glass
TM Forum
Aurelio Nocerino
Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Advisory, Global 5G Delivery and Capability Lead
Henry Calvert
Head of Network
Eduardo Panciera
Network and Service Technology VP
Telecom Argentina
Ye Ouyang
SVP & CTO, IEEE Fellow
Emmanuel Chautard
SVP Operations and Networks Economics


Hotel Porta Fira
Location: Las Arenas 4
Pl. d’Europa, 45, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

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