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Make use of these tools to help you manage digital transformation, business processes, and digital ecosystems


TM Forum’s Business Process Framework (eTOM) is now available in ARIS to enable successful business transformation for CSPs.

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Software AG’s Business Process Management platform ARIS enables you to keep your strategy and operations aligned, maintain a “single source of truth” in your organization and orient all employees around a single way of working through process excellence in a structured way.


CurateFx is a SaaS tool that helps different stakeholders manage digital transformation and digital ecosystem projects. It gives users the ability to make faster, more confident, more informed, collaborative decisions around complex business scenarios. It is used internally to breakdown silos between departments and it is used to go beyond an organization to connect the ecosystem of partners, suppliers, customers and more.

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You can use CurateFx to bring digital ecosystems to life and design your business model with multiple stakeholders, so that you can define, agree & document relationships, roles & processes between ecosystem stakeholders. It also allows you to quickly identify standards & APIs needed to operationalize digital products & services.

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