Excellence Awards 2023

Excellence awards 2023

The 16th Annual Excellence Awards recognized the organizations making a significant contribution to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout the industry, across six key categories.

A final round of independent judging took place at DTW23 - Ignite on 19 September in Copenhagen, to determine a winner in each category.

Join us in congratulating our 2023 winners and watch their videos to find out more about them.

Excellence in autonomous operations

Intelligent network operation based on AI knowledge graph


Excellence in customer experience

VNPT Customer Experience Transformation Model


Excellence in IT agility

IT Transformation through system and process innovation using TMF653/656

Telstra logo

Excellence in market innovation

“Value First Network as a Service” Creates Sustainable Business Growth

China Mobile logoHuawei logo

Excellence in network agility

An Operation Mode Change by Building the World’s Largest Centralized Network Resource Center

Whale CloudImage

Excellence in serving people & planet

Supporting connectivity, the lifeblood of daily life, with expanded protection in dangerous times