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Moonshot Catalyst projects are a unique new way to meet the ultimate challenges of our industry head-on, as we strive for truly sustainable growth. In addition to the advantages of joining an Open Innovation Catalyst, project teams receive enhanced backing every step of the way, to create technically excellent solutions with game-changing business or societal impact to win the Moonshot Catalyst team award.

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Create innovation at scale

and sustainable growth with a fail-fast philosophy and the guidance of top industry figures


Win awards

for technically excellent solutions with game-changing business or societal impact


Board-level Executive Coach support

An Executive Coach to provides invaluable feedback on business readiness and technical viability from a CXO level mentor, plus a potential route to market


TM Forum Advocate support

A TM Forum Advocate as your dedicated curator of success to match you with the right companies, individuals and resources

About Moonshot Awards

These prestigious awards acknowledge Moonshot Catalysts solving industry challenges with groundbreaking and commercially viable solutions. The awards recognize the efforts of teams who actively drive innovation, push boundaries, and contribute to positive change for society.

About Moonshot Awards

How it works


Proposal Ideation

An individual or small group develops a new or continuing project idea and works on a draft proposal for submission based on the Moonshot challenges. The challenge topics may change each cycle. Submission templates are available to help with this.​ Champion involvement is vital at this stage for defining and or validating the key industry challenges and business requirements.


Proposal Submission

A formal submission form is made publicly available during the Call for Catalysts. ​Each submission must include interested contacts from a minimum of 3 organizations, including one Champion to advance to the next stage for review​ A validation statement from a Champion is required for all Moonshot Catalyst proposals.


Proposal Review

Catalyst proposal submissions are reviewed by TM Forum subject matter experts to ensure it meets submission criteria, is innovative, and are in alignment with TM Forum goals. ​ Submitters may receive feedback and a request for more details before advancing to the next status level. ​



Catalyst teams vie to confirm the minimum required 2 CHAMPIONS and 3 paying PARTICIPANTS for the Catalyst project to become viable. ​ A Catalyst project webpage is created to help visitors learn about the project and submit interest in joining. The matchmaking process is supported by the TM Forum to connect and onboard new members to the project teams.


Pending Activation / Viable

Catalyst project teams must confirm a minimum of 2 Champions and 3 paying Participants to be considered viable to participate in the Catalyst cycle. Contracts will then be issued and additional marketing and support privileges become available.​



Catalyst projects reach ‘Active’ status when contracts are returned from a minimum of 2 Champions and 3 paying Participants. Reaching ‘Active’ status means your project has met all the requirements to fully participant in that Catalyst cycle.

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Join a project

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