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Techco practicing decision intelligence for sustainable growth

URN C23.0.511
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data management, Ecosystem management

Successfully change from telco to techco by using latest technology in decision intelligence. Opening new markets and boosting revenue growth, aiming for double digit growth in many applied areas.

The objective of this Catalyst project is to address the need to transform telcos into techcos by emphasizing the use of data intelligence to drive all aspects of operations and realize that this new approach can drive long-term success. The first point is that we aim to see tangible business value being achieved through the practice of Decision Intelligence across multiple functional units. All sources of data are gathered to consolidate customer understanding and shared across all teams. The second point is to achieve sustainable growth through accurate support for different customer segments and the ability to offer Zero-X (Zero Wait, Zero Trouble, and Zero Touch) products/services at the Right-X (Right time, Right offer, and Right approach). The third point is to apply decision intelligence to Business customers and sectors which have been long-term challenges for many CSPs. Using this Catalyst project, we aim to explore the use of Decision Intelligence to improve support for business customers in order to bring value to both the techcos and their business customers. Multiple carriers all face the same challenge of transforming data into intelligent decisions. Participants used the latest TM Forum assets and developed the latest intelligent data analytics technology, Digital Twin solutions, 5G technology, and Customer Experience tools to help these carriers realize the Catalyst objectives.


#C511 Project Overview# ► The Challenge CSPs continues to sell their connectivity services as their main income. If these CSPs lack of modern methods to understand their customers, their connectivity services will have low differentiation and their campaign management continue to have very low successful rate. CSPs need to develop ways to have deep understanding on their customers. Also, expanding beyond connectivity is also important but many CSPs lack the capability to do so. ► The Solution In order to do this, participants help champions to find the way to transform itself from Telco to Techco (not just on technology but on culture, organization and process transformation). The transformation to Techco helps the company to use the latest technologies to build advance decision intelligence. The outcome-based decision intelligence framework enables the champions to have a deep understanding on customer segmentation, their spending preference and then developed their Right-X (Right time, Right way, Right offer) campaign strategy. In addition, the transformation to Techco helps the champions to find new business markets and ecosystem partners for new business model (verticals deployment like buildingMedTech platform and partnering construction industry). "Many champions within this Catalyst team are actively practicing Techco Strategic Positioning. One example is 2022 stc Chairman message stated clearly‘becoming a leading Techco’." Statement from one key Champion stc: the project showed how Ecosystem Service Providers (ESPs) and partners can better use data intelligence to digitally transform the whole operations with 360-view of customer aspects, needs and context. By identifying their largest Operating challenge which can be leveraged to drive better business outcomes, ESPs can make more informed and strategic investments into Customer-centric Digital Transformation, increase agility of their business operations, improve Return on Experience (RoX), and achieve experience-centric business operations for long-tern sustainable growth. #Diverse Champion Business Use Cases# →China Mobile IT: Centralized Digital Marketing to adpt dynamic business changing and customer expectation CMCC Group IT team collaborate with CMCC provinces to create a Centralized Digital Marketing Platform to make better decision that can drive Nationwide business growth (e.g. FMC Value Growth, 5G ARPU Growth). →China Mobile Guangxi: Digital Marketing for FMC Value Growth China Mobile Guangxi introduced a Decision Intelligence-oriented Operations transformation framework empowered approach to ensure the success of launching a dedicated campaign to prioritize the high-quality development of FMC users. →stc:Data-driven Mobile Customer Value Management stc “Persona-based” orchestration solution is expected to dramatically enhance all Customer-fronts and it is showing positive RoX with Customer support team (Both Digital & CC). As of 2022, EBITDA increase 9.8% YoY showing the investment have a healthy return. →HKT:Dr.Go (MedTech) practicing decision intelligence for Right-X (right time, right way and right offer) HKT Dr. Go is a MedTech platform to connect patient and doctor over the OTT apps with high quality vidoe connections. It provided Zero-X (Zero touch, Zero Wait, Zero Trouble) for doctor consultation and medicine delivery. Through data analytics and decision intelligent, Dr. Go also provide the selling of good using Right-X (Right offer at right time with right way) approach. Gross Merchandize Value increased by 160% YoY (HKT 1H interim result report) . →China Unicom:Leverage Outcome-Based Decision Intelligence framework to improve customer services With intelligent decision-making as the core, drive the digital transformation of capabilities in various business areas and achieve refined customer service, thereby improving customer experience and effectively managing customer expectations →China Mobile Anhui - Mobile Gaming Experience Management powered by Decision Intelligence By building a data-driven decision-making intelligence platform, mobile game experience standard management system and domain knowledge base, China Mobile Anhui achieve proactive experience management of popular mobile Internet businesses (such as mobile gaming). In particular, mobile gameing experience have increased by XX%, and customer complaints have decreased by about 80%. #Main TM Forum Assets Used or Contributed, Academic Paper (Published in USENIX ATC, IEEE ICDE etc)# TMF plays a vital role: This Catalyst team used a lot of TMF assets and also developed / contributed to multiple TMF members projects (DT4DI, AN, TCOD, AIOps, MAMA, CEM). We believe the long-term sustainability recipe shall combine value creation (DT4DI) with autonomy and efficiency (AO) and TCOD in the context of the TM Forum ODA framework. →Our team led DT4DI(Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence) member project, and team deeply contributed, key outcomes: IG1307, IG1310, IG1310A →China Mobile IT as the speaker of DT4DI Webinar: →Deeply contributed TCOD, e.g. 1316A #Impact on Industry# →Impact on vision & strategic level This catalyst project is addressing a viable vision that can affect the strategic direction of a Telco. Our view is Telco can change from a low growth rate or even stagnant growth rate Telco to high growth rate Techco and even able to partner with ecosystem partner to enter new markets. →Impact on sustainable business growth Our contribution on applying technology into decision intelligent can bring Techco to realize it is possible to have a very deep understand on customers and then able to group them into different segments and persona. In addition, gaining insights on customers’ need. With such knowledge, campaign management will not be cold-call but enjoy a high successful rate by Right-X (right offer at the right time with the right way).

1. Hi, this is C511 Project Overview

C511 Project Arena Introduction

Impact on industry

team mates

2. C511 Team mates leading TMF DT4DI Member Project (One of the hottest member projects in 2023)

TMF webinar: Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence (DT4DI)

TMF Artical: How digital twins and AI are driving new decision intelligence

HKT Dr. Go using DI

TMF DT4DI Whitepaper

TMF Webinar: Global Architecture Forum: Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence

3. Champion Business Use Case with tangible value, deliverables: news, ppt, demo/video, artical etc

MTN personalities, Ayoba win big at 2022 National Communications Awards

HKT Dr. Go 1H 2023 result

China Mobile Anhui - Mobile Gaming Experience Management powered by Decision Intelligence

China Mobile Guangxi Demo for Catalyst C23.0.511

HKT Dr. Go using Decision Intelligence

China Mobile Anhui UC

MTN Business Use Case

China Mobile Zhejiang Demo for Catalyst C23.0.511

China Mobile Liaoning Demo for Catalyst C23.0.511

4. Holistic TM Forum Assets Used or Contributed

TMF GB997D HKT use case on DMM

TMF GB1316 HKT Techco Transformation

TMF Ecosystem HKT on Partner decision and selection

TMF Accelerate Week HKT present AOMM Data Dimension

TMF Accelerate Week Jun 2023: HKT presented AOMM Culture Dimension

HKT showing AO to understand Customer Experience

IG1310A DT4DI reference Architecture

IG1310 DT4DI & AIOps Ontology

TMF AiOps Performance Mgt

5. Academic Paper, released in USENIX ATC, IEEE ICDE etc

Fluid: Dataset Abstraction and Elastic Acceleration for Cloud-native Deep Learning Training Jobs

Liquid: Intelligent Resource Estimation and Network-Efficient Scheduling for Deep Learning Jobs on Distributed GPU Clusters.

Meces: Latency-efficient Rescaling via Prioritized State Migration for Stateful Distributed Stream Processing Systems.

SparkDQ: Efficient Generic Big Data Quality Management on Distributed (published in JPDC)

5. Impact on Industry

Impact on Industry

6. Team mates

Team mates

Inform feature

New decision intelligence operation framework will transform telcos to techcos

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