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Private optimized connectivity

URN C23.0.515
Topics Autonomous networks, Network as a Service (NaaS), Open APIs

To support the $54B video surveillance camera market by 2026 delivering a better connectivity experience for mission-critical communications.

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platforms enable operators to programmatically expose telco capabilities to third-party service providers through Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs pave the way for transforming telco networks into programmable service platforms, facilitating seamless integration between the network and third-party applications. This creates a mutually beneficial scenario for both stakeholders involved. For CSPs, it signifies a business opportunity to generate fresh revenue streams and effectively monetize investments in 5G, access, and edge computing. Third parties, on the other hand, can depart from traditional over-the-top, best-effort service delivery models. Instead, they can leverage the available capabilities to offer enhanced user experiences, contributing to the digital ecosystem with novel services. The current process of procuring network services from Communications Service Providers is incongruent with customer expectations for a digital-first, on-demand experience. CSPs need to break down their network assets and provide network services as API-enabled products. The network must be elastic, accommodating bandwidth, scaling, and recovery. For instance, consider a CSP's business customer engaged in providing security services for special events at stadiums or public venues. This customer requires access to high-quality on-demand video. Developers of cloud-based video security apps can utilize NaaS APIs to extract performance data from the network. They can then establish policies to enable automated service upgrades or manual upgrades with a simple button press. The development of a new TM Forum NaaS API guarantees that a cloud-based application deployed by a third party can reliably access the most optimal broadband connection in real-time. The determination of the swiftest broadband connection is based on the device's or customer's location, as well as the most efficient and accessible local network connection. Identifying sought-after network APIs and standardizing them across the industry will introduce new business avenues for CSPs, hyperscalers, and app producers. This will enhance the network service procurement experience, foster industry innovation, and expand the potential market for these services by introducing value-added products.



TMF759 User Guide

Private Optimized Connectivity Overview

TMF759 API profile

TMF759 Implementation

Arena Presentation

CurateFX documentation

POC flyer

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Standardized APIs for easy adoption of private 5G networks


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