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Unlocking B2B2X value for 5G smart spaces - Phase III

URN C23.0.557
Topics Cloud migration, Edge computing, Service orchestration

Helping CSPs unlock the full potential of smart spaces when deploying 5G, with a multitenant marketplace that reduces time to market by 50%.

Sharing connected infrastructure and exposing network capabilities is crucial to the realization of B2B2X commercial models and the Smart Spaces they enable. However, 5G private networks, network slicing, and edge computing are key to support the demanding QoS levels that new generation of digital services require to transform operations of the companies at Smart Spaces. This Catalyst will help telco operators unlock the potential of Smart Spaces by enabling the ecosystem and underlying monetization flows and settlements. The project will demonstrate the necessary foundations for smart spaces, including settlements, monetization, and orchestration. A digital marketplace for next-gen solutions can be created using standardized APIs. The solution will enable different use cases along the lifecycle management of the different parties involved in the business scenario: * Standardized API exposed to partners/client to assist them in LCM process and exposing network capabilities for their apps * Digital Marketplace to commercialize solutions from third parties * Monetization platform to support all the economic flows and settlements between involved parties * Orchestration solution to manage the deployment to network and edge capabilities.


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Partner Onboarding

Product Creation

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Ordering I (Salesforce)

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Monetization (Matrixx)

Service Order Management (HPE)

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