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POP! CSPs curating markets at the edge

URN C23.0.599
Topics Ecosystem management, Marketplaces, Network as a Service (NaaS)

Monetize immersive "Pop-up" retail experience powered by enterprise marketplaces that are curated by CSPs to provide a 'one-stop-shop'.

In today's digital-driven world, brands, retailers, and influencers strive to captivate larger audiences with immediate, "in-the-moment" experiences. Communication Service Providers (CSPs), harnessing the potential of 5G and edge technologies, are uniquely positioned to offer these entities innovative digital services. These services, exemplified by applications like augmented reality pop-ups, enable businesses to engage customers during pivotal moments such as product launches, sports events, and concerts. Enter the POP! Marketplace: a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly integrates third-party applications, network services, and monetization strategies to mobilize experiential enterprise applications on demand, at the edge. For brands like Nike and BornPink, and influencers like Beyoncé and MrBeast, the POP! Marketplace offers unmatched ease and value. By utilizing edge applications, they can create experiential experiences that not only educate but also captivate audiences, enhancing brand visibility and commercial reach exactly where the customer is. In our demonstrated use case, the POP! Marketplace taps into lucrative markets such as Retail and Advertising for Merchandise Sales, Live Streaming eCommerce, 5G Enterprise Market, and the NaaS Market. Together, these markets represent a value of more than $300 billion over the next five years. Benefits for CSPs using the POP! Marketplace include: 1. Curating high-value services while monetizing IoT, 5G, and edge tech. 2. Employing a scalable digital platform for hundreds of advanced enterprise offerings. 3. Introducing innovative commerce and revenue-sharing models to enhance revenues beyond traditional service models. 4. Shortening time-to-market for new offers by utilizing automated business processes that leverage reusable industry-standard TMF artifacts as building blocks. Finally, the POP! Marketplace serves as a catalyst, connecting CSPs and tech firms through a B2B2X marketplace. It leverages TM Forum Open API, CAMARA, MEC, and MEF initiatives to streamline service delivery. Additionally, it addresses challenges such as limited third-party collaboration and boosts CSP revenue by enhancing their position in the value chain.


README FIRST! Here, you'll discover videos and resources showcasing the experiences that the POP! Marketplace can offer, along with the underlying technologies and platforms that power it. 1) Executive Introduction - Provides high-level introduction to catalyst 2) Business Track - Provides Business Intro, Value Worksheets and CurateFX Business Information 3) Technical Track - Provides Solution Intro, Use Case Demos and CurateFX Tech Information 4) Video - Provides video showcases 5) Vendor Products - Provides information on the vendor products behind the solution

1. Executive Introduction

2 - POP! Marketplace Datasheet

3. Retail Case Study

1 - Catalyst Concept

Resources - Readme First

2. Business Track

3. Business Value Analysis Worksheet

2. Business Value - Recording

1. Business Value Analysis

3. Technical Track

7. UC Demo 6: Application Tear Down

6. UC Demo 5: Cash to Care (Charging and Revenue Share)

5. UC Demo 4: Cash to Care (Self Heal)

4. UC Demo 3: Cash to Care (Upsell)

3. UC Demo 2: Browse to Order and Order to Cash

2. UC Demo 1: Insight to Intent

1. Solution Outline

8. CurateFx Project

4. Video Explainers and Showcases

360 VR Livestream Metaverse Shopping using 5G Cloud Edge Compute

Live demo of immersive experience from the edge

Example enterprise using immersive experiences from the edge

Reimagine how your business operates with Bell Public MEC

5. Vendor Products

Aria Billing Cloud Datasheet

Salesforce Communications Cloud's Industries CPQ

SummitTech Odience Datasheet

Seize new opportunities with Bell Public MEC

Nokia Charging beyond: Imagine the possible

AWS Wavelength Datasheet (MEC)

Inform feature

The edge marketplace where tech partners make ‘shoppertainment’ a reality

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