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BiMa: Billing integration for marketplaces - Phase II

URN C24.0.622
Topics Business assurance, Ecosystem management, Revenue assurance

How to simplify invoicing as CSPs look beyond connectivity

As CSPs move into adjacent sectors and support IoT deployments, they must increasingly work with various partner organizations to provide customers with additional services – and it is far more convenient for the end customer if these services are all billed through a single invoice. This Catalyst is therefore developing a solution to consolidate various CSP and partner bills through a shared platform. The aim is to support intricate billing patterns and post-billing activities while using TM Forum assets for seamless integration. Building on Phase I, this iteration of the project caters specifically for diverse B2B2X environments, focusing on the distinctive demands of respective marketplaces, thereby enhancing scalability and operational efficiency. The solution will enable CSPs and marketplaces to leverage the native billing capabilities of involved partners, including complex pricing models such as usage-driven and tier-based pricing, by dynamically and seamlessly integrating the bills at cycle time. It will also employ event-driven standardized integration patterns to simplify post-billing operations across partners and CSPs. The aim is to hide these complex integrations and flows from customers, who simply receive a single consolidated invoice served by a single entity. Ultimately, the Catalyst plans to produce a novel and scalable solution catering to the evolving demands of the communication industry. Designed to be flexible, holistic and versatile, the solution will support the onboarding of CSPs and partners, product onboarding, managing account relationships, bill cycle time integrations and post-billing scenarios. The project will measure the solution’s effectiveness by tracking subsequent reductions in billing errors, with a target of at least 30%. It will also measure the time saved when onboarding new partners and onboarding partner products with complex pricing models - the targets for these metrics being reductions of 20% and 50% respectively. The Catalyst is also aiming to lower operational costs of billing processes by 20%.


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Use and Contribution of TM Forum Assets

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