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Beyond chatbots – Revolutionizing telecom with advanced generative AI

URN C24.0.678
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Customer experience management, Data management

Establishing customer loyalty through best practice in advanced AI

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How Does GenAI Create Happier Customers While Cutting Costs? “Customers want to talk to a real person as soon as possible." How can we meet this demand efficiently and effectively? Our Catalyst, a cutting-edge solution powered by Generative AI that redefines customer service by making every interaction both personal and swift, revolutionizing the way we meet customer demands. Picture this: Your customer are making a call and instead of the usual "How can I assist you today?" he met with a precise, "Are you calling about your last bill "? This tailored approach isn't futuristic—it's happening right now with our Catalyst. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, we anticipates customers' needs, delivering a customized service experience. Say goodbye to the days of long phone menus. Embrace the "menu of one," where personalized responses are crafted for each customer right from the start. This proactive strategy exceeds customer expectations, fostering trust and loyalty while optimizing each interaction to save both time and money. Our solution aren't just addressing issues we are creating positive experiences that nurture lasting connections. Our project uses Generative AI to achieve two main goals: 1. To enhance customer service by not only quickly resolving issues via IVR, call centers, and chatbots but also by providing predictive, intent-based service at every customer touchpoint, ensuring first contact resolution. This approach not only improves the customer experience but also reduces the operational costs associated with running service centers. 2. Considering the early stages of GenAI technology and the absence of standard implementation methods, we are working on developing a clear, practical framework for using GenAI. This a blueprint that not only serves our needs but also can be utilized by others in the industry, promoting widespread adoption and efficacy.



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