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Revolutionizing telecom operations empowered in the metaverse by AI generated content  - Phase III

URN M23.0.525
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Metaverse

This Moonshot Catalyst shows how telcos can leverage AI-generated content (AIGC) technologies to revolutionize business operations in the metaverse for advanced total experience and service operations.

AI-generated content (AIGC) has the potential to significantly impact the Metaverse by enabling creation of more realistic and immersive virtual environments. AIGC can be used to create entire worlds, characters, and even narratives that can interact with others in real time, delivering a more personalized and engaging experience. This has the potential to reshape immersive forms of team collaboration, accelerate learning and skills acquisition, and lead to a Metaverse economy with completely new enterprises and jobs. The team has designed a digital avatar and implemented consumer and business scenarios in the first two phases of this Catalyst. Now, the team is aiming to integrate AIGC technologies like GPT-4 into the Metaverse, so that telcos can revolutionize daily work in Metaverse offices with interactive, adaptive and responsive content, creating a more personalized and engaging experience for customers and employees. Specifically, the team aims to: * Increase customer satisfaction by creating personalized and engaging experiences. This will be achieved by analyzing customer data to provide personalized recommendations and support, and by creating interactive experiences within the Metaverse storefront. * Reduce the cost of operating retail stores by automating operational tasks. This will reduce the workload on staff and ensure that customers receive a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, AIGC can be used to create virtual showrooms that can be accessed by customers from anywhere in the world. * Evolve DevOps towards MetaDevOps by leveraging AIGC for code generation. This will allow developers to save time and focus on more complex tasks, accelerating their productivity and allowing them to create more advanced and innovative applications.


Welcome to our exciting catalyst, "Revolutionizing Telecom Operations in the Metaverse with AIGC"! In DTW 2022, we embarked on phase I of this catalyst journey, named "Customer avatar unlock metaverse experience". We successfully designed and prototyped an intelligent digital avatar using cutting-edge GPT-3 and Web 3.0 technologies. This avatar serves as a bridge between customers and employees, greatly enhancing the overall telecom operation experience within the Metaverse. Building on this foundation, our phase II project, "The Metaverse experience: Re-inventing Telco business" in DTWA 2023, focused on creating valuable use scenarios for both customers and employees within an immersive workplace in the Metaverse. Now, in DTW 2023, we've reached an exciting milestone with our phase III project. We've integrated AI-generated content into the Metaverse, allowing Telcos to craft a dynamic environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and customer-centric solutions. To achieve this, we've designed and implemented AI copilots based on state-of-the-art GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technologies. These copilots empower Telcos to optimize their network infrastructure, streamline software development processes, and provide exceptional customer service. Ultimately, this integration enhances creativity and productivity within the enterprise Metaverse environment. If you'd like to delve deeper into our catalyst, you can explore the Catalyst Overview for key messages or take a quick look at the Arena Presentation Outline, aligned with TM Forum's template. For an in-depth understanding, you can download the full Project Briefing slide deck, which provides comprehensive insights into our catalyst. Throughout this initiative, we've prototyped various use scenarios to showcase how Telcos can leverage GPT technologies in the Metaverse continuum. Additionally, you'll discover supporting products such as the Digital Twin Platform, XR Studio, and AI Platform with TelcoGPT, enabling Telcos to unleash their creativity in building their unique Metaverse experiences. Enjoy the journey with us!

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Using AI-generated content to build an enterprise metaverse

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