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Digital carbon footprint optimization

URN M23.0.538
Topics Data management, Open APIs, Sustainability

Enable CSPs to create, launch and promote lower carbon offers and reducing Scope 3 emissions.

The telecom industry is a major carbon contributor, with scope 3 emissions accounting for over 85% of a typical telco’s carbon footprint. CSPs can accelerate net zero ambitions and help their customers take a step towards reducing carbon emissions by providing products with CO2e information. This Moonshot Catalyst makes this possible by developing a built-in intelligent tool that will analyze CO2e data using TM Forum Open APIs in various aspects of the offer lifecycle, enabling the CSP to lower the carbon footprint of product offers and published across all digital channels. In this catalyst, we will demonstrate how to monitor the battery consumption and battery health of all consumers and provide recommendations based on AI/ML. The consumers will get full transparency into their carbon emissions generated by their devices. The solution will provide consumers with recommendations for reduced carbon offers/options during their digital journey. It will also enable Champions to reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions by influencing customers to choose lower carbon offers. Finally, the solution will run product catalog and channels via sustainable cloud infrastructure, which will significantly reduce the carbon footprint further.


Welcome to our Moonshot Catalyst “Digital Carbon Footprint Optimization” Our catalyst project has built a solution to help CSPs reach their Net-Zero targets. To do this we are addressing the biggest challenge - reducing Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions that occur in an organisation’s upstream and downstream activities). Imagine you are the CSP Product Manager, and you want to build a new, standout offer that is aligned to the CSPs environmental goals. The Product Manager can use the product catalog’s new attributes to see CO2e information in real-time and use intelligent search tools or generative-AI to build alternative lower carbon product offers. Now imagine you’re the customer looking for a new phone and broadband deal. The customer can view through any digital channel this new promotion and see the CO2e information of the offer, enabling them to have knowledge of the impact of their purchase. As the customer starts to get used to their new mobile phone, the customer can get predictive insights (based on AI/ML) that will tell them how efficiently they are charging their mobile and give recommendations on how to optimise their carbon footprint. In the attachments below, the Catalyst Overview will highlight key messages. For more information on the insights into the use case scenarios then please download the Solution in Action deck. You can also see slides on the use case architecture showing how all CSP Champions and Participants played a vital role in building this solution. In Copenhagen, we invite you to visit our kiosk, M2-Energy Efficiency within the Innovation Labs 1 Hall. There, we will showcase our demo, showing the impact that this solution can have on the industry. We will also be sharing our catalyst in the Arena pitch at 1.30pm on Tuesday, 19th September. Finally, be sure not to miss our Moonshot Catalyst panel: “Solving the biggest industry challenges to achieve breakthroughs with far reaching impact” at 4:45pm on Wednesday, 20th September on the Studio Stage where our Champion representative, Lester Thomas, Chief Systems Architect and Distinguished Engineer, will discuss how our industry can lead the world towards carbon neutrality, and in doing so cut our energy consumption by at least 25% by 2025.


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How to help CSPs promote lower-carbon offers to reduce Scope 3 emissions using GenAI

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Catalyst Overview

Technology and Architecture

Solution in action

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Digital Carbon Calculator Video

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