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AI Smart CapEx for green and efficient network investments

URN M24.0.665
Topics 5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Autonomous networks

Smart CAPEX, using AI-ML to automate and optimize RAN and FTTH rollouts unlocking 15-20% CAPEX efficiency gains while maintaining CX

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Crystalized in an AI-ML product, we bring an in-depth understanding of the Telco business and the pain points experienced by CPSs. We focus on easing them in a manner that will maximize acceptance by the different stakeholders. * Building commercial forecasts that map to the different technologies: We start our journey by providing the Marketing team with a user-friendly tool that allows them to bypass expensive external consultants and understand the technology adoption trends in the customer base, and a systematic approach to handle the new use cases for which we lack proper historical data. * Breaking the wall between marketing and network: With marketing focused on customers (and increasingly devices) their forecasts and projections are hard to map into network traffic load, failing to properly align with the Network team's actionable elements, the BTS. For this we provide a systematic approach that makes optimal use of the available information to translate the high-level commercial projections into street level traffic load. * Incorporate the CX elements into the optimization without overloading the marketing team: Most CSPs have embraced the “Golden sites” methodology that focuses on the network elements as revenue generating. This approach fails short on markets where customers expectations have moved to a more demanding stage, and, specially, it fails to acknowledge the impact of differences in network CX across operators in customer retention while tying the network team for several weeks, typically. Incorporating these elements into the solution involves a huge increase in computational complexity that requires an automated approach— essentially it’s extending the concept of Automated Network from Network Operations to Network Planning. Further our solution targets delivery times that allow testing of multiple commercial scenarios and quarterly, even monthly, reviews. Looking at previous deployments in several countries, AI-ML Smart CAPEX unlocks CAPEX efficiency gains of 15-25% on the new Network investments. Additionally, AI-ML Smart CAPEX also enables 15-25% OPEX reduction (including electricity consumption) on the new CAPEX, along with reasonable spectrum and electricity savings on the existing CAPEX— contributing significantly to the Net Zero emissions goals by 2030

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