Virtual Digital Leadership Summit North America

North American telco exec’s, communications service providers and carriers are invited to participate in our two part Virtual Digital Leadership Summit on Thursday, February 25 and Thursday, March 4.

Hear fearless perspectives on the industry roadmap, learn about technology and business transformation wins and pitfalls and candid examples on where the industry is starting to realize the connected opportunity and provide value back to the customer.

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from top telco execs about their biggest challenges, lessons learnt, what’s next for the industry and first-hand experiences
  • Learn how you can transform telco architecture for the 5G future 
  • Discover what is next after you move to the cloud  
  • Learn to lay the foundation for machine learning and AIOps 
  • Find out how to design network infrastructure for the modern age 
  • Discover the value of cloud native networks for your business and the maze to navigate

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From traditional connectivity to a digital business

The digital transformation efforts of service providers are now well worn, however, there is always more to be done on the path to digital maturity. The Covid-19 pandemic has spectacularly underlined the importance of transformation and helped provide solutions to customer problems.

During this virtual Digital Leadership Summit, you will learn how advancements, including a cloud-first approach, Open APIs, AIOps and network performance are increasing customer satisfaction and closing the gap in seamless experiences.

Welcome and host overview

Tim McElligott, Senior Analyst – TM Forum

Transforming telco architecture for the 5G future 

  • The great telco shake-up: From classic carrier cost-centric mindset to an impact-centric telco DNA 
  • The merits and considerations of cloud enabled versus cloud native migration strategies 
  • Understanding core technological capabilities and architectural roadmap ahead
  • Considerations for building the strategic capability of a modular, data and cloud native architecture that enables world class customer experiences
  • Unleashing the potential of the hybrid environment that is here to stay
  • Open Digital Architecture – allowing for limitless scaling and continuous evolution
  • Leveraging the TM Forum’s Open Digital Framework to migrate legacy systems and processes to the AI-orchestrated cloud 

George Glass, CTOTM Forum

Panel: So, you are moving to the cloud – now what? 

  • Mapping the cloud pathway: When to move which workloads into the cloud, in what order, and how to benchmark for success
  • Hurdles and complexities encountered when trying to move apps to the public cloud
  • Is a multi-cloud strategy the way forward, and is a horizontal or vertical approach to cloud best?
  • Key considerations for security, compliance, and assurance across new environments 
  • The new power couple – cloud and AI
  • How is moving to a modular, AI- and API-driven, cloud-native architecture helping to improve the customer experience strategy and KPIs?

Facilitator: George Glass, CTOTM Forum
Danielle Royston, Public Cloud Evangelist TelcoDR
Bob De Haven, General Manager, Worldwide Communications & Media – Microsoft
Nanda Kumar, Executive Director – Public Cloud/Platforms Engineering & DevOps MeasurementVerizon
Teena Piccione, Managing Director, US, Telco, Media and EntertainmentGoogle Cloud
Anurag Vardhan Sinha, Senior Vice President Communication Media and Entertainment – Infosys

Interview: Perfecting the AI layer  

  • Where do AI deployments have the most benefits, and where to focus future automation efforts?
  • Applying AI into cloud native networks – key considerations and tools required
  • The role of AIOps: Insights in transforming operations
  • Measuring and benchmarking automated interventions and where there are gains

Interviewed by: Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP AI, Data and Customer Experience – TM Forum
Jared Ritter, Senior Director, Analytics and Automation – Charter Communications

Conversation: Towards autonomous cloud-native networks  

  • Realizing the full strategic value of cloud native networks for your business and the maze to navigate 
  • Enhancing capability: Mastering modularity and innovating at speed with simplicity in mind 
  • How are operators encouraging collaboration between IT and network teams as network complexity grows alongside the unprecedented pace of new technology rollouts? 
  • Different perspectives on cloud strategy and the hybrid environment  
  • AIOps – applying AI into cloud-native networks, and required considerations and tools 
  • Creating a homogenous experience to create a truly heterogeneous network with edge capabilities
  • Ensuring all stakeholders, partners and cloud providers understand the need for telco-grade quality networks 

Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs – TM Forum
Ken Paker, CTO and SVP Information and Network Technology – TDS Telecommunications
Sebastien Jobert, Executive Director Network Systems Shared Platforms & Services– Verizon

The trajectory from a digital business to digital solutions provider

5G is spawning innovative opportunities that will ultimately drive vast global changes to the delivery of new solutions and products beyond connectivity. In order to monetize these opportunities, operators must have an understanding of their customers, and provide them with the connectivity they want and need.

This virtual Digital Leadership Summit explores what connectivity-as-a-service is, business models, platforms and partnerships needed to solve customer problems, and use cases and proof of concepts that are maturing this market.

Welcome and host overview

Joann O’Brien, VP, Digital Ecosystems CollaborationTM Forum

Embracing the bolder ambition: Ecosystems, partnerships and platforms

  • Is digitization of working, living and playing the opportunity of the century?
  • Is connectivity-as-a-service a profitable business?
  • Learnings from the hyperscalers, mavericks and the enterprises doing it their way
  • Are federated platforms the answer to telco global services?
  • How do service providers become ecosystem, platform and/or partnership ready?
  • Protecting the edge: Getting the balance of dependence, control and outsourcing right – how do providers compete and play to win?
  • What is the API based business model and how can a telco reap rewards from it?

Joann O’Brien, VP, Digital Ecosystems Collaboration – TM Forum

In conversation: Enterprise 5G and pinpointing services with the greatest potential ROI

  • What types of 5G business models are service providers pursuing and targeting verticals with?
  • How do we quickly drive flexible frictionless business across industry boundaries?
  • Which are the 5G services with the greatest ROI potential that service providers can offer and why?
  • How will new 5G-based capabilities improve customer experience?
  • Making the edge work: Drafting the edge blueprint, understanding the vision, partnerships and business capabilities powered by edge networks, and the underpinning technology capabilities
  • Edge – The opportunities and challenges, where do you start?

Moderator: Joann O’Brien, VP, Digital Ecosystems Collaboration – TM Forum

Debika Bhattacharya, VP – 5G & Enterprise SolutionsVerizon
Fotis Karonis, CTIO and 5G Executive AdvisorBT Enterprise
Rohit Batra, Head of Product, Telecommunications, Media & TechnologyServiceNow
Shawn Draper, Vice President of Enterprise Platform Engineering – Lumen Technologies

Reimagining products and services: Solving customer problems and meeting expectations

  • Selling connectivity in a new and better way: How operators can understand customer needs and add value by putting service at the heart of their digital transformation strategies  
  • Succeeding in the battle ground for competitive differentiation as networks transform, 5G growth accelerates and more products and services enter the market 
  • Connecting customer, service, and network operations workflows: How can CSPs use AI boost performance and outcomes? 
  • What cultural ways of working are successful for developing products, reimagining services and increasing the pace from ideation to minimal viable product? 
  • Delivering zero-touch experiences and the next level digital self-service – is end-to-end visibility of service mission critical for elevating customer experience?  

Yossi Zohar, Global Senior Director, Telecommunications Solutions – ServiceNow

Monetizing 5G opportunities through next-generation, cloud-native technologies

  • Taking a cloud-native approach to building out the network (addressing the core, RAN and OSS/BSS)
  • Why we advocate establishing a telco infrastructure company (infraco) to monetize 5G capabilities effectively
  • Recommendations for setting strategic building blocks in place for a phased rollout of open digital architecture right across our network
  • Why you must ensure that next-generation, cloud-native OSS & BSS systems are still tightly coupled to the rest of the network

Atilla Tinic, Chief Information Officer – Dish Network
Anurag Vardhan Sinha, Senior Vice President Communication Media and Entertainment – Infosys

A day in 2030 mobile edge demo: Simulating the mobility perspective – using IoT to orchestrate coordinated driving

  • Watch a unique simulation of a coordinated driving experience along a highway in Austin, Texas
  • Learn how an IoT system architecture can orchestrate coordinated driving among vehicles to improve traffic flow and avoid collisions
  • This practical use case explores the process of defining an end-to-end IoT system architecture and system models; the capabilities of a smart mobility testbed; and the cyber-physical test environment required to showcase coordinated driving

Dr. Joachim Taiber, FounderIAMTS



Rohit Batra
Head of Product, Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Debika Bhattacharya
Vice President – 5G & Enterprise Solutions

Aaron Boasman-Patel
Vice President, AI, Customer Experience & Data
TM Forum

Shawn Draper
Vice President of Enterprise Platform Engineering
Lumen Technologies

George Glass
TM Forum

Bob De Haven
General Manager, Worldwide Communications & Media

Nanda Kumar
Executive Director – Public Cloud/Platforms Engineering & DevOps Measurement

Sebastien Jobert
Executive Director Network Systems Shared Platforms & Services

Fotis Karonis
CTIO and 5G Executive Advisor
BT Enterprise
Tim McElligott
Senior Analyst
TM Forum

Joann O’Brien
Vice President, Digital Ecosystems Collaboration
TM Forum

Ken Paker
CTO and SVP Information and Network Technology
TDS Telecommunications

Teena Piccione
Managing Director, US, Telco, Media and Entertainment
Google Cloud

Jared Ritter
Senior Director, Analytics and Automation
Charter Communications

Danielle Royston
Public Cloud Evangelist

Anurag Vardhan Sinha
Senior Vice President Communication Media and Entertainment

Atilla Tinic
Chief Information Officer
Dish Network

Dr. Joachim Taiber

Ian Turkington
Vice President Architecture & APIs
TM Forum

Yossi Zohar
Global Senior Director, Telecommunications Solutions


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