Digital Leadership Summit: Accelerate your time to value with telecom Software-as-a-Service

Wednesday 24 January 2024 · 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm GMT

The advent of 5G has drastically altered customer expectations, with a strong demand for faster speeds. Enterprises are integrating connectivity into their solutions to meet comprehensive business requirements, while managing new technologies like enhanced mobile broadband, AI, and ML. They must also support machine-to-machine communication and low-latency performance, all while prioritizing time-to-value and total cost of ownership.

To address these challenges, significant automation is essential, creating an opportunity for SaaS to deliver value. Telecom SaaS, available on-demand, eliminates the need for lengthy setup processes.

Furthermore, SaaS offerings are extensible, enabling ongoing value addition beyond basic integration.

Join us at the TM Forum Digital Leadership Summit to explore how telecom SaaS can accelerate CSP offerings’ time to value, unlocking new value and fostering sustainable growth.


Accelerating Telco Innovation: Unleashing Market Potential with SaaS

  • Welcome and introductions
  • What are the current trends and drivers of SaaS, and why now?
  • As the network becomes software, how should we respond
  • Common issues faced by organizations today

Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs,TM Forum 

Are you ready for the future network? – Why SaaS should be your first choice as a delivery option

  • Exploring the potential of SaaS transformation in the fast-evolving 5G era.
  • Discovering how businesses can propel their operations to new heights, optimize efficiency, and seamlessly adapt to emerging technologies.

Mark Bunn, SVP, SaaS Business Operations, Nokia Cloud and Network Services

Panel Discussion: “Show me the money!” 

  • How can telecoms seize the 5G opportunity by shifting away from the legacy practice of deploying customized software for analytics, security, network management, and other functions? 
  • Lessons learned and best practices: How SaaS has positively impacted productivity and efficiency within the organization 
  • Tracking SaaS ROI with KPIs – how to get the most value from your investment 

Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs, TM Forum 
Julia Velasco, Network Director in Spain (CNO) and Head of Group Core & Services, Vodafone
Chris Antlitz, Principal Analyst, TBR 
Liron Golan, Director of SaaS Portfolio Marketing, Nokia 
Yoann Foucher, Head of SaaS Product Management, Nokia

How telecom SaaS can play a meaningful role in supporting ESG goals 

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have gained significant traction in all business areas, including the telecom space 
  • Discuss how the efficiencies brought by Software as a Service (SaaS) can help deliver on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals 

Maria Azada, Portfolio Products & Business Strategy Director, Nokia

 Fireside Chat: Telecom SaaS security myths and misconceptions  

  • Addressing the key security measures when transitioning to public cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models.
  • Examining the four primary concerns telecoms have about adopting SaaS.
  • How to move past traditional reservations and fully embrace the advantages of SaaS.
  • What is required to demonstrate transparency and compliance with data privacy laws and standards to build trust with customers? 
  • How to meet data sovereignty requirements, and what support can cloud providers provide to enable customers to choose where their data is stored and processed.

Moderator: Ian Turkington, VP, Architecture and APIs, TM Forum 
Pramod Nair, Lead Security Architect, Microsoft 
Philip Blanchar, Senior Director SaaS Delivery & Operations, Nokia

Q&A and  Closing Remarks


Ian Turkington
VP, Architecture and APIs
TM Forum

Mark Bunn
SVP, SaaS Business Operations
Nokia Cloud and Network Services
Julia Velasco
Network Director in Spain (CNO) and Head of Group Core & Services
Chris Antlitz
Principal Analyst
Liron Golan
Director of SaaS Portfolio Marketing
Maria Azada
Portfolio Products & Business Strategy Director
Pramod Nair
Lead Security Architect
Philip Blanchar
Senior Director SaaS Delivery & Operations
Yoann Foucher
Head of SaaS Product Management

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