Virtual Digital Leadership Summit MENA

Converting opportunities into new growth and revenue

Monday, June 7, 2021 · 10:00 – 12:00 GST

There has never been a better time for operators to build upon the vital role they played during the pandemic and explore new growth opportunities. Meeting the evolving needs of their customers – both for connectivity and beyond connectivity services and solutions – will allow operators to effectively compete and thrive in the “new normal” world.

Join us for this event to gain insights into what growth opportunities operators in the Middle East and beyond are exploring, how they are diversifying their connectivity and beyond connectivity offerings by building partner ecosystems and which digital technologies are needed to create new value and sustainable growth.

Why should you attend?

  • Hear from top telco execs about their biggest challenges, lessons learnt, what’s next for the industry and first-hand experiences
  • Find out what success looks like for CSPs in the post-pandemic era
  • Learn how to evolve from digital telco into digital partner
  • Hear the importance of why going cloud-native is essential for agility in a 5G era
  • Discover what role should CSPs play in the digital ecosystem


10:00 – 10:20 GST: INTERVIEW: Turning renewed purpose into new revenue streams in the post-pandemic era

  • What does success look like for CSPs in the post-pandemic era?
  • Are CSPs ready to adapt to the new reality and take on a leading role in a post-pandemic world?
  • What is the future of connectivity, digital experiences and the cloud-powered ‘infrastructure of the future’?
  • How can CSPs become the enablers of digital transformation for enterprises?
  • Using connectivity as the foundation to expand beyond connectivity

Othman D. Aldahash, Vice President, Corporate Development, stc

10:20 – 11:00 GST: PANEL: Successfully operationalizing the enterprise opportunity

  • IoT, Network Slicing, 5G, edge – what are enterprises in different industry sectors looking for and how can CSPs help unlock the potential of new technologies for enterprises?
  • Which are the enterprise services with the greatest potential that CSPs can offer and why?
  • Where and how to collaborate and co-create solutions with partners to meet the needs of diverse enterprise customers
  • What new digital technologies and capabilities are needed to thrive in the enterprise space?
  • What are the challenges of creating an integrated end-to-end ICT product portfolio for enterprise customers and how can they be overcome?
  • How will the business strategy, organizational structure and operation have to change to allow CSPs to make the most of the enterprise opportunity?

Jasim Al Awadi, SVP, Government and Key Account Department, du
Abdulaziz Alhaider, Vice President, Enterprise Accounts, stc
Dr. Mahmoud R. Sherif, Head of Technology & IT Strategydu 
Anowd Muthaib, General Manager – Strategy & Marketing, stc Kuwait
Pankaj Garg, Senior Director, Software Marketing & Sales, Middle East, Huawei

11:00 – 11:20 GST: Achieving the agility needed to compete in a hyper connected world

  • What does ‘agility’ mean?
  • How to choose the right technology and delivery model for achieving true business agility
  • achieve business agility of telco IT systems
  • Why going cloud-native is essential for agility in a 5G era
  • Evolving networks and IT systems to unlock agility across the business
  • Enabling Agile delivery in multi-partner environment
  • Understanding how best to apply agility and Devops to operations

Maxim Nartov, Business Development Director, Nexign
Vitaly Lyaper, Chief Solution Architect, MegaFon

11:20 – 12:00 GST: PANEL: Building partner ecosystems that will take CSPs beyond connectivity

  • How to evolve from digital telco into digital partner
  • What role should CSPs play in the digital ecosystem?
  • Finding partners that will allow you to extend your reach and capabilities
  • Cloud native, softwarization of the network, AI, IoT, edge and network slicing – how are CSPs exploiting technology enablers to build ecosystems?
  • How to build a reusable, plug-and-play, microservice oriented, AI enabled, multi-vendor, agile architecture that ensures the success of your partners
  • How do you build a digital ecosystem that attracts and retains digital partners and creates new value?
  • Changing CSP’s skillsets and mindsets to support hyper personalized business models and business process innovation for enterprises

Ken Wee, Senior Vice President, Alliance Partnership & Innovation, Bridge Alliance
Haifa el Ashkar, Director of Strategy, Telecommunications Market & Solutions, CSG
Khaleelo Khan, Telecoms and Media Regional Business Leader, MEA, Microsoft


Othman D. Aldahash
Vice President, Corporate Development
Abdulaziz Alhaider
Vice President, Enterprise Accounts
Jasim Al Awadi
SVP, Government and Key Account Department
Haifa el Ashkar
Director of Strategy, Telecommunications Market & Solutions
Pankaj Garg
Senior Director, Software Marketing & Sales, Middle East

Khaleelo Khan
Telecoms and Media Regional Business Leader, MEA
Anowd Muthaib
General Manager – Strategy & Marketing
stc Kuwait
Vitaly Lyaper
Chief Solution Architect
Maxim Nartov
Business Development Director
Dr. Mahmoud R. Sherif
Head of Technology & IT Strategy

Ken Wee
Senior Vice President, Alliance Partnership & Innovation
Bridge Alliance

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