Data Analytics Action Day

Thursday, September 22, 2016 9:30am to 5:00pm


Who Should Attend: TM Forum members.
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About Action Days

This event is an interactive session focused on defining a toolkit which will simplify TM Forum’s Data Analytics maturity model and automate many of its features. This will allow the model to be used to drive any company’s Data Analytics practices to greater maturity. 

Participants in this event will be TM Forum members who are data analytics practitioners, experts and consultants from a variety of service provider and supplier companies. Results of the sessions will be published in a TM Forum report available to all TM Forum members. All Action Day participants will be credited.

If you are an employee of a TM Forum member company, please join the Data Analytics project team,  and register for the event here.

Why Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is vital to any company’s optimized functioning, reduction of opex and keener insights into business imperatives. In the ever-increasing hyper-connectivity of a virtualized world, mature analytics practices are a must of survival and growth. We will look at industry directions on various dimensions impacting maturity.

This is an interactive session – work will be done in small groups guided by a facilitator who will step the groups through exercises to create the outputs.

All session participants are encouraged to stay involved after the session by attending regular meetings or collaborating online and following through to assist in having this work become part of the best practices.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend as space is limited. If you have a colleague who would be appropriate to invite, please let us know and we will include them space permitting.

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For any further information, please contact Snigdha Mitra.

Agenda Highlights:

  • What is the current Data Analytics Maturity Model?
    • Definitions of maturity levels
    • Dimensions of evaluation of maturity
    • What is an automated toolkit?
    • How can the toolkit enhance usage of the model?
  • Dimensions and sub-dimensions
    • Do we have a full plate of dimensions?
    • Are all aspects of maturity covered through the given sub-dimensions?
  • Evaluations/Scoring Methodology
    • Present, discuss, develop scoring methods and formulae

Register now!
For any further information, please contact Snigdha Mitra.


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