Digital Health Roundtable with GIO

Thursday, December 10, 2020 12:00pm to 5:00pm


The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has accelerated digital transformation of the health care sector.  This transformation will inevitably be difficult, however the best potential for success will come from bringing together expertise from information, communications and health professionals. 

On December 10th, in association with GIO, TM Forum will host a Digital Health Roundtable.  Here we aim to bring together the health and ICT sectors, focused on the following critically important topics:

  • Leveraging mobile data for emergency management (Covid-19 & beyond)
    • Ongoing management of infectious disease recognizing that we live in a global community and the importance of leveraging data for emergencies, such as infectious disease, climate action etc., while adhering to the different regulatory frameworks around the work
    • The initiative will aim to design a proof of concept collaborative catalyst project which would build the minimum viable solution over the course of the following few months and demonstrate at the TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2021 event and potentially at the COP 26
    • The initiative will build upon the learnings of an existing Catalyst project, which was demonstrated at Digital Transformation World 2020
  • Discussion on the broader role of ICT in enabling digital health globally. This will be used as input for an outline structure of the next research report to be published in February, 2021.
    • Key use cases where ICT can help enable digital health transformation
    • ICT as a system of co-innovation, enabling interoperable scalable systems
    • The role of data & 5G in enabling these use cases in the future

Participation is sought from health leadership to help outline requirements and use cases and from the ICT and GIO community to contribute to discussion, development, and co-innovation for the future of digital health transformation.

For participation details please contact:

GIO Operations: [email protected]

Joann O’Brien: [email protected]

Kevin Xu: [email protected]