Digital Leadership Summit: Creating and optimizing high-speed, scalable cloud migration pathways

Tuesday, April 25, 2023 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Discover how communication service providers (CSPs) can successfully integrate their operating, IT, and business systems into open cloud-based technologies.

Find out how you can integrate your legacy systems with the cloud, embrace data democratization, address sustainability, and become truly cloud native. Here, experts will highlight the benefits, sustainability best practices, security implications, and potential pitfalls of migrating and utilizing data in the cloud.

This is an in-person, invitation-only event. If you are interested in attending, please contact Elena Christopher and fill out the required information in the email. Space is limited.

The Star in Frisco – Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters | Dallas


1:00 pm | Networking lunch, and registration

2:00 pm | Optimizing migration roadmaps for speed, security, data access, and value
rounded_bullet_red.png Welcome and introduction
rounded_bullet_red.png Optimizing migration roadmaps for speed, security, data access, and value
rounded_bullet_red.png Managing the journey: Mitigating risk through lessons learned and latest innovations
rounded_bullet_red.png The potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) enabling OPs for advanced delivery
rounded_bullet_red.png Sharing best practices of digital leadership and communication with stakeholders

Craig Bachmann, Senior Advisor, TM Forum

2:15 pm | Coping with the challenges of integrating legacy systems into open cloud-based technologies
rounded_bullet_red.png Developing an organization, commercial, cultural, and technical step-shift to successfully move from legacy systems to the cloud.
rounded_bullet_red.png Network transformations and automation
rounded_bullet_red.png Leveraging the cloud for improved security, scalability, and reliability

Himanshu Polavarapu, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Verizon

2:30 pm | Embracing data democratization: The benefits and challenges of utilizing data in the cloud
 Mitigating risks and overcoming potential barriers to adoption for successful data democratization
rounded_bullet_red.png Rethinking how data is distributed and consumed to improve costs, save time, and make better business decisions
rounded_bullet_red.png Artificial intelligence and machine learning ops: the future for advanced delivery
rounded_bullet_red.png Importance of data governance when dealing with data in the cloud

Robert Erickson, Vice President, Global Offering Kyndryl Cloud Practice, Kyndryl

2:45 pm | Security implications of migrating to the cloud
rounded_bullet_red.png Analyzing what constitutes a risk for CSPs in today’s cyber and cloud landscape
rounded_bullet_red.png Defining an industry-relevant security and resilience strategy
rounded_bullet_red.png What should CSPs prioritize to maintain data security and good cyber surveillance?
rounded_bullet_red.png Recognizing and avoiding the pitfalls of misconfigured cloud storage

Jimmy Nilsson, Vice President – Advisory & Implementation Services, Kyndryl
Dan Solero, AVP Cybersecurity, AT&T

3:00pm | Interactive Roundtables
During this session, attendees will be divided into groups to debate some of the most pressing issues facing CSPs today. This is an opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion in a relaxed environment with key takeaways and actionable insights.

rounded_bullet_red.png Minimizing disruption during cloud migration
rounded_bullet_red.png Protecting your business from cyber threats associated with the cloud.
rounded_bullet_red.png Seamlessly integrating third-party solutions into your own processes

3:30 pm | Panel Discussion: Sustainability – Best practices for cloud migration
rounded_bullet_red.png What is the status of your sustainability journey in cloud migration?
rounded_bullet_red.png Enabling the telecom industry’s ability to assess and manage end-to-end energy use.
rounded_bullet_red.png What does success look like? Key considerations for managing cloud costs, cloud resource consumption, and waste reduction.
rounded_bullet_red.png Best practices for integrating sustainability into IT, network infrastructure, and business operations,
rounded_bullet_red.png How are you promoting the sustainability benefits of cloud migration to stakeholders in the telecoms sector?
rounded_bullet_red.png Developing a company-wide sustainability initiative: What are the most effective short, medium, and longer-term measures?

Craig Bachmann, Senior Advisor, TM Forum
Jaisson Mailloux, Director, Global Alliance Technical Evangelist, Kyndryl 
Sanjay Prasad, Global Telco technical Consulting Leader, Microsoft  

4:10pm | Final remarks

Craig Bachmann, Senior Advisor, TM Forum

4:15 pm | Networking drinks reception and tour of the Dallas Cowboys Training Ground
Join us for a networking drinks reception and VIP guided tour of the Dallas Cowboys Training Ground.

5:00 pm | Close of event

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