Digital Leadership Summit: Smart Health

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 9:00am to 5:00pm

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Event Location:
Le Meridien Hotel, 2 Jalan Stesen, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, KL 50470, Malaysia

Delegates will come together to enhance their knowledge on telemedicine today and the promises it holds for the future. They will hear from leading providers and users of state-of-the-art smart health solutions how the latest technology can be very profitable for communications service providers, as well as being advantageous for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Through a series of interactive workshops, this Digital Leadership Summit will also address the challenges and requirements to enabling and driving widespread implementation of teleradiology and other smart health solutions in the region through concrete success stories. 

The interactive format consisting in presentations, round-table discussions, dynamic feedback sessions, case studies, a live demonstration and expert panel discussion will provide a unique and valuable opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the fast-evolving world of smart health and telemedicine. The advancement and adoption of these solutions will deeply impact stakeholders from across the digital and healthcare industries and requires full and seamless collaboration with communications service providers. This summit will provide a full view of the ecosystem and its inner workings.  

Sponsored by: BOCO/Hinacom
Co-Sponsored by: MIDA & REDtone

Key Outcomes:

  1. Obtain a deep understanding of the potential of telemedicine and connected solutions.
  2. Gain knowledge of necessary or existing policies and investment opportunities that will help drive the adoption of telemedicine solutions across the region.
  3. Identify the primary obstacles involved in implementing smart health solutions and explore ways in which to overcome these, to successfully adopt telemedicine solutions already available.
  4. Understand the overall stakes at play and the vital seamless collaboration between the healthcare and telecoms industries.
  5. Grasp the potential revenue stream for communications service providers as key partners in the smart health ecosystem.

Who Should Attend:  

  • Telecoms operators
  • Government officials from Health departments
  • Hospitals & leading regional radiologists

How the Summit Works:

  • In advance of the Summit, each participant will be asked to complete a brief survey to capture their view on the key topics of discussion.
  • The workshop sessions are then shaped through consultation with speakers and also based on the results of the pre-event survey.
  • The Summit will be held in a meeting room with tables set cabaret style.
  • Each table will include a table host who will be responsible for facilitating discussion and leading group exercises.

All information shared during the session will take place under the Chatham House Rule, meaning, anything disclosed in the room is non-attributable.


This complimentary event is invitation only. Seats are limited so please contact Nigel Yeates to request an invitation. This summit is for Communication Service Providers only.

Tuesday, March 22nd


Registration & Refreshments


A look at digital and connected health today and tomorrow

This presentation will provide an overview of the current state of smart health and telemedicine as well as the stakes involved in developing and implementing state-of-the-art digital and connected solutions. We will have a look at the broader smart health ecosystem and necessary partnerships to drive technology and solutions.

Speaker: Dr. Ed Currie, Head of Smart Health, TM Forum


Workshop#1: Why drive telemedicine?

This workshop introduction will analyse the smart health market in South East Asia and pose the question: “What makes this such an important and growing sector?” with a view to addressing the role of and the business opportunity for communications service providers in the region.

Mr Judi Achmadi,
President Director Telkomsigma,  Tony Cui, CEO, Hinacom,

30-minute interactive round table excercise:

The objective of this activity is for delegates to discuss and obtain a deeper understanding of the potential of telemedicine and connected solutions in terms of business, as well as to realize the scope of the necessary ecosystem collaboration in order to fulfill the potential of these. The role of the communications service provider will be the focal point of this session.

Feedback session:

Following the round table discussions, delegates will provide feedback and highlight the most important points resulting from their brainstorming. A nominated spokesperson per table will put forward the main points agreed upon. 


Networking Refreshment Break


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Workshop#2: Regional Smart Health Adoption 

Telemedicine in action:

This presentation will provide examples of cases in which teleradiology is vital and showcase successes achieved so far in China. We will also have a look at potential plans for the future of teleradiology and other remote smart health solutions.

Dr. Fan Liu, VP and CIO, Peking University People’s Hospital
Dr. Kuncheng Li, Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Xuan Wu Hospital, Capital Medical University, China

Case study presentation: 

A specific US case study will be presented, covering the situation, the need, the solution, the implementation and the outcome.

Speaker: Dr. Steven Johnson, Founder and Consultant Radiologist, Voyageur Radiology

20-minute interactive round table exercise:

The delegates will reflect on the case studies introduced and how to iterate the successes throughout the region, identifying potential problems and opportunities for further development. They will also discuss the live demonstration in the objective of providing any constructive feedback.

Feedback session:

The groups will feedback on their discussions and put forward their results.




Workshop#3: Investing in telehealth and PAC services

This session will provide valuable insight into the One Belt One Road policy and how regional companies may benefit from it. We will address the specific potential value for CSPs and provide an example of ecosystem partnerships.

Why should CSPs fully embrace their role in the smart health ecosystem?

The role and opportunity for operators in providing network and connectivity services to enable telemedicine and smart health. The presentation will cover the challenges encountered, solutions implemented and successes achieved so far by REDtone in this space.

Speaker: Lau Bik Soon, CEO, REDtone

20-minute interactive round table exercise

Delegates will brainstorm how telemedicine solutions (particularly teleradiology and PACS) can be integrated into the operators’ business. How can operators leverage existing assets and expertise in the smart health ecosystem and generate new lines of revenue?

Feedback session

The group spokes person will relate the outcomes of their discussion and ideas to all delegates.


Networking refreshment break


Speed Networking


Panel: Where to next in teleradiology and smart health in general

This panel session will feature key insights from a range of stakeholders and leaders in the field of teleradiology and smart health. It will provide a recap of the day’s discussions and provide additional insight into what the future may and should hold for radiologists, hospitals as a business, patients, payers and of course communications service providers.

Delegates will have the opportunity to take part through questions at the end of the structured discussion.

Speaker: Tony Cui, CEO, Hinacom, Lau Bik Soon, CEO, REDtone
Dr. Steven Johnson, Founder and Consultant Radiologist, Voyageur Radiology


The panel will draw a set of primary obstacles to the progress of smart health and provide recommendations for ways in which to overcome these, to successfully adopt telemedicine solutions already available. The ROI of smart health solutions for communications service providers will be at the forefront of this session.


Closing remarks

Final comments on the day’s work and outcomes. Thanks to all participants.

Speaker: Dr. Ed Currie, Head of Smart Health, TM Forum


Close of summit & Networking drinks


This complimentary event is invitation only.  Seats are limited so please contact Nigel Yeates to request an invitation.
This summit is for Communication Service Providers only.



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