The Great Telco Debate

Thursday, November 29, 2018 8:00am to 5:00pm


Join The Great Telco Debate – help shape your future

Debating the future role of telcos in an increasingly digital world is at the heart of The Great Telco Debate taking place in London on November 29th. Once again we are bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers and players in the telecoms. The format is inspired by traditional debates and without a sales pitch in sight, it’s the only truly independent platform for debating the future of your industry.

Debate this year topics are:

  • The role of the telco in the digital economy
  • Progress in softwarising and virtualising the worlds Telcos
  • Challenging the incumbent by building fibre-based access
  • Analytics, Machine Learning and the Edge
  • Industry 4.0 meets 5G but where does it leave the Telcos?
  • Security impacts everything but how can it generate revenue?

Speakers already confirmed from BT, Colt, Hyperoptic, KPN, Orange, PCCW, Reliance Jio, SSE Telecom, SoftBank, Telefonica, UK Broadband and Vodafone.

These will be joined by established and challenging suppliers throughout the industry, along with regulators, academics and industry analysts.

The event will also include a C-level panel and plenty of opportunities for networking.

If you’re serious about telecoms, involved in strategy, product management, regulation, investment or business development, you should attend the most important event on the future of the industry.

And, as the tagline says, ‘you’ll never think the same way about telecoms again’!

To register visit or contact t[email protected].