Thursday, February 9, 2023

Virtual 9:00am - 10:00am
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Autonomous Operations (AO) is a wider concept than just the next-generation autonomous networks piece, encompassing the service operations functions above it and the IT systems ecosystem supporting those functions and processes.

It is, however, essential to many new service models that automated end-to-end processes exist from customer request down to network function. Therefore CSPs worldwide are endeavoring to build an operations ecosystem to support this, but how much of the hype is actually feasible in the near future?

In this Hard Talk, we take a pragmatic look at:

  • What is currently happening in the industry to support the realization of AO
  • How technology advancements are coming together to change the internal machinery of the CSP
  • How work like the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture is helping to catalyze automation
  • What is next for 5G if network slicing fails to deliver on its potential
  • How much business diversification and new revenue generation are we seeing in CSPs with an AO focus
  • Is the telecoms IT world moving fast enough to support AO evolution

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