Hard Talk: The battle for 5G enterprise market share

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Virtual 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Your local time 2022-12-08T14:00:00Z - 2022-12-08T15:00:00Z

The growth of mobile private networks (MPNs) has given the telecoms industry a good sense of the underlying demand for enterprise 5G. But it has also demonstrated that telecoms operators are going to face strong competition when it comes to delivering full connectivity solutions. Dedicated MPN service providers, systems integrators, network equipment providers and hyperscalers are all striving to assert themselves in this emerging market. 

As such operators need to understand what role they can best fill in delivering high-speed wireless connectivity solutions to enterprise users. 5G has long been touted as a network technology with the capabilities to deliver the speed, latency, security and flexibility that enterprises need, but 5G Core networks are taking longer to deliver than many CSPs had hoped. 

Join our webinar to learn what leading CSPs consider critical to developing their 5G enterprise businesses, and what steps to take to succeed in the new 5G market.

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  • Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum
  • Petter Sahlin, Industry X / Smart Products, Factory and Supply Chain / Digital Transformation, Accenture
  • Nick Applegarth, Enterprise Networks Product Manager, Global Product Management and Introduction, CKH Innovations

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