Thursday, June 24, 2021

Virtual 2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Trying to move towards the TM Forum autonomous networks vision? With the end goal of assuring the quality of 5G service experiences, automated active assurance provides a uniform solution across all transport domains –  wireless access, the branch office edge, SD-WAN, WAN, data centers and public clouds. By simplifying operations for these increasingly complex networks, it assures that on-demand services are always validated for high performance upon creation and throughout their entire lifecycle. It forms the heart of a solution for automating towards closed-loop assurance and self-healing network domains.

Active assurance within a service-centric operations model empowers telcos’ operations with true service quality visibility, allowing them to identify and quickly solve problems before they impact services and customer experience.

If your customers are finding network problems or your operation teams are complaining about lacking visibility into service performance degradations, please join us and learn:

  • What to do about the biggest pains in service and network operations
  • Why active assurance delivers unprecedented visibility to quickly identify issues in even the most complex networks
  • How to deploy active assurance automatically with a low-cost solution
  • How active assurance fits into the rest of your assurance and automation stack

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