Digital Leadership Summit: Creating and scaling the digital-native customer experience

Thursday, November 3, 2022 2:00pm to 3:45pm


The shift to digital channels by both consumers and companies during the pandemic provides communication service providers (CSPs) with an excellent opportunity to rethink how they deliver a digital customer experience that meets and exceeds their customers’ expectations. Digital native companies have raised the bar with their intuitive digital customer experiences and customers expect CSPs to meet that benchmark too.

This Summit will examine what lessons CSPs can learn from digital natives, how they can overcome the CSP-specific challenges to providing the kind of customer experience customers expect as well as how they can use data, analytics, and AI to get closer to deliver distinctive customer experiences.  

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2:00pm – 2:10pm | Putting the customer at the center of your operating model
rounded_bullet_red.png  Welcome and introduction
rounded_bullet_red.png  How 5G will accelerate the switch to digital CX and why CSPs need to act now
rounded_bullet_red.png  Overcoming the challenges of siloed CX data and the implications for the roll out of your customer experience program
rounded_bullet_red.png  Unifying customer data across the organization to enable real-time insights into customer behavior and enable a more personalized experience
rounded_bullet_red.png  Simplifying operations to maximize agility and speed
rounded_bullet_red.png  How to use AI-powered bots to a user-friendly digital CX

Joanne Taaffe, Editor in Chief (TM Forum Inform), TM Forum

2:10pm – 2:25pm | Low-code meets mainframe: Kyndryl builds data pipeline from mainframe to Cloud
rounded_bullet_red.png  Learn how Kyndryl is partnering with Microsoft to bring data to every corner of the business faster by re-imagining a new, transformative way to work with the mainframe – which is still key system of records for Telcos
rounded_bullet_red.png  By creating a data pipeline, telcos can now take advantage of a new powerful data source for application modernization
rounded_bullet_red.png  Liberating data for telco operators and CSPs in hybrid cloud environments – remove barriers and silos
rounded_bullet_red.png  Leveraging AI and ML to reimagine the customer experience
rounded_bullet_red.png  Telecom operators utilizing AI/ML to deliver value through adoption

Stanley Wood, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Alliance CTO, Kyndryl 
Sarah Maston, Director Global Partner Development, Microsoft

2:25pm – 2:40pm | Enhancing the customer experience by embracing new technologies, simplifying operations and building an agile culture
rounded_bullet_red.png  Leveraging data and AI to create a relevant and personalized experience
rounded_bullet_red.png  The transformation journey embarked by CSPs in the management of product, customer, asset and order data
rounded_bullet_red.png  Making sense of the new data value chain – how important is collaboration and data visibility in the customer experience ecosystem?
rounded_bullet_red.png  Redesigning with AI and automation in mind to enhance products and services
rounded_bullet_red.png  Being ready for the influx of data as IoT and 5G adoption grows – pragmatic approaches to end point data capture

Kevin Lowell, CIO and Senior VP of IT Technology, US Cellular  

2:40pm – 2:50pm | Commentary

Joanne Taaffe, Editor in Chief (TM Forum Inform), TM Forum

2:50pm – 3:05pm | Delivering a differentiated B2B customer experience
rounded_bullet_red.png  Understanding the needs and expectations from the B2B customer
rounded_bullet_red.png  Setting goals and KPIs for B2B customers
rounded_bullet_red.png  Leveraging customer experience data to deliver a more personalized buyer experience
rounded_bullet_red.png  Overcoming the challenges of a more complex and technical B2B customer journey
rounded_bullet_red.png  Optimizing and simplifying operations for the B2B customer experience while adhering to preferred buying processes
rounded_bullet_red.png  Measuring change to ensure delivery of the right customer experience

Hany Mokhtar, Customer Experience World Class Thought Leader & Expert (AKA CX Master), Independent

3:05pm – 3:40pm | Panel discussion: Securing competitive advantage and long-term growth by identifying and meeting new customer needs
rounded_bullet_red.png  How do CSPs need to adapt to respond to shifting customer attitudes and launch new services with speed?
rounded_bullet_red.png  How do you successfully design and execute a customer-centric strategy?
rounded_bullet_red.png  How can CSPs align customer-centric visions in an ecosystem partnership to deliver superior products and services?
rounded_bullet_red.png  How do you successfully identify the digital products and services that customers want?
rounded_bullet_red.png  How have digital native companies gained an edge and what can CSPs learn from them?
rounded_bullet_red.png  How do you engage customers with hyper-personalization?

Moderated by: Joanne Taaffe, Editor in Chief (TM Forum Inform), TM Forum
Hany Mokhtar, Customer Experience World Class Thought Leader & Expert (AKA CX Master), Independent
Kevin Lowell, CIO and Senior VP of IT Technology, US Cellular

3:40pm – 3:45pm | Closing remarks
Joanne Taaffe, Editor in Chief (TM Forum Inform), TM Forum

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