Network as a Service: Addressing the full enterprise opportunity

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Watch this webinar that will explore the findings of a brand new report ‘Network as a Service: Addressing the full enterprise opportunity’ that explores the opportunities NaaS presents for communications service providers (CSPs) to win big in the enterprise market. Software control, virtualization, cloud, advanced analytics, microservices, and open source software all play a role in helping operators be more responsive to customers and increase revenue. As a result, CSPs, their partners and customers have an opportunity to innovate together on new, game-changing services for businesses, such as network as a service (NaaS). Watch this webinar and understand:

– how NaaS increases agility and lowers costs but is forcing CSPs to re-evaluate their reliability metrics
– how 5G is already impacting CSPs’ ability to address the enterprise market through NaaS
– the barriers to NaaS deployment and how to overcome them
– NaaS’s potential for future value-added services

Download the report now and get up-to-speed in advance of the webinar.

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