Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Virtual 10:00am - 11:30am
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The future of digital health requires operations across many different silo’s of organizations.  To achieve a quality service for patients and governmental stakeholders requires an ecosystem of partners operating together in both public and private settings. 

This session will capture several use cases and work together to model how the ecosystem cold work more efficiently in the future. This event is for those leading digital health in the communication service provider community.

As CSPs transform their business and seek new avenues for growth, digital health offers a new path forward building upon the trusted relationships of today. 

While multiple use cases will be considered, here is an example of the types of use cases that we will seek to model the ecosystem, expose common challenges and develop the path forward for the digital health initiative of GIO & TM Forum.

Virtual Care:  With increasing aging populations and a shift towards open hospitals, citizens will increasingly be cared for remotely.  But how can this be achieved inside a system where, patients often feel that they are lost or forgotten, transition between departments inside a single organization is difficult enough today.  To realize a future vision of a unified patient experience across complex boundaries between multiple stakeholders, will require a seismic shift in how care is managed end to end.   This use case will explore how to model the ecosystem of stakeholders, understand the essential capabilities to realize this goal.

Connected Ambulance:  Today, first responders manage the emergency inside the ambulance while enroute to the hospital where emergency care team will receive the patient.  The more information that can be shared with the emergency department ahead of time, can save critical time in helping the patient.  The connected ambulance can be used for the following ways:  Providing real time information from machines directly to the emergency department, Using cameras and remote visual connectivity to allow specialists at base support the first responders, using robotic gloves and equipment to allow a remote specialist to drive the examination of the patient, real time medical record sharing so that medical history can be appropriately shared.

During this session, the ecosystems for these use cases will be explored and examined. 

This is an interaction session which will aim to drive towards the common challenges in realizing these future scenarios and gaining consensus on approaches and collaborative activities that can be a worked to help the community be more successful in delivering of such services to their customers, and ultimately enabling more lives to be saved and better, more efficient health systems to thrive in the future. 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Saud A. Alsheraihi,  GM, New Business Development, Enterprise Business Unit, STC
  • Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, CEO, TM Research & Development 
  • Russel Duncan, CTO, Telstra Health
  • David Smith, Head of Ecosystems, Huawei
  • David Thomas, Managing Principal, Global Health StrategyTELUS Health 
  • James Hospedales, Founder, EarthMedic and EarthNurse Foundation for Planetary Health 

If you are interested in attending this invitation-only event, please contact Jenny Kessman.

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